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Review of CargoBuckle Cargo Tie Downs Trailer Cargo Control IMF18804

Today we're going to review part number IMF18804, this is the Cargo Buckle G3 Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Strap Flush Mount System. This Cargo Buckle Flush Mount System will combine one heavy duty G3 heavy duty retractable ratchet strap, with a convenient 4-mount storage unit. As mounting system, we'll install flush to the surface of your truck bed or trailer. The trap door design has a hinge along one side that will lift easily to accommodate the tie down. The tie down is hidden away, but easily accessible when not in use. This will install on the floor of your trailer or truck bed.

When you need the entire floor for the cargo, you just leave it tied down, folded up inside the floor. When/if you're going to carry a motorcycle, lawn mower, and ATV, you just simply pull the retractable tie down out of the floor, to let you quickly and safely secure cargo, but it's still conveniently storaged beneath the floor. Keeps the floor clear for other uses. Now this part number does come with the mounting hardware. Comes with the under floor load ring.

Comes with the flush mount housing, the store assembly, and it also comes with the Cargo Buckle G3 Retractor, which we've already attached to the door assembly. Just a little tip for you: When you're connecting the ratchet system to the hinge on this door assembly, with the bolt right here, what you want to do is make sure the ratchet is underneath the hinge assembly, that way it will give enough offset to completely open up. If it happens to be mounted on top of the hinge, it won't open up enough. So just a little tip on that. Now the Cargo Buckle G3 Ratchet System is a heavy duty ratchet strap that will easily secure your load for towing or hauling.

Has a SureGrip rubber coated handle, that's easy to grip control with one hand. Right underneath the handle there's a push button release, which if you'll move it all the way to the up position, it will allow the tie-down strap to retract in and out. Then once you would pull up on the release, we went into the ratchet position. Once you've hooked up your cargo, move it into the ratchet position, it will allow you to ratchet and tighten down your tie down strap. Then when you get it to where you want it, right underneath here there's two cutouts from the ratchet, that if you move it into that locked position it will lock down your cargo.

Now this ratchet does have a corrosion-resistant steel body. The polyester webbing is a seatbelt quality webbing material; has a sturdy plastic housing and a stainless steel spring on the inside. Just to give you an idea, the width on that tie-down strap is 2-inches, 6 feet long. That does have a maximum load strength or breaking strength of 3,500 pounds and a safe working load limit, which is 1/3 of that is 1,167 pounds. Also I wanted to give you the flush mount depth on this, for how far it will sit underneath the trailer, is 4-1/2 inches. This part does come with a one year limited warranty and that should do it for part number IMF18804.

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