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Canine Covers Pet Supplies - Vehicle Restraint - RR24035 Review

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Review of Canine Covers Pet Supplies RR24035

Today we're going to review part number RR24035. This is the Ruff Rider Roadie Pet Harness and Vehicle Restraint System. This one happens to be the size medium 2. It does come in seven different sizes which range from an extra-small to an extra-large. What I would recommend is that when you go to our website, look at on the product page and it will have a chart and table and list how you can measure your dog to get the correct size. This is a travel harness and a vehicle restraint. Helps keep your pet safe and secure in your vehicle, even when you're braking and turning. Your dog can sit up and lie down in the back seat and still be safe.

When you do install this . We're going to show you how to install this in a minute. You can do it feat first or head first, put the harness on, whichever way works best for your dog. It does include a tether which attaches easily to your seat belt or a child safety seat anchor point. It offers two connection points so that your pet can move but it's still safely restrained.

The loop closest to the harness will allow you pet to sit up and lie down. The loop furthest from the harness will allow your pet to stand up, sit up, and lie down. This will let you use the harness in your vehicle's back seat or the rear cargo area. It does have the adjustable chest straps and the side straps which are comfortable, yet secure fit for your pet. The seat belt tether will serve as also a walking leash for pit stops. Hook and loop straps keeps the leash bundled up and out of the way when not in use.

This leash does attach easily to a built-in D-ring on the harness. It is a heavy duty construction. It's made with a 70 denier nylon thread and box stitching for durability and this part is made in the USA. Again, this size is a medium 2. What we're going to do right now .. We do have an actual dog here in our studio and his name is Dewey.

We're actually going to show you how this installs. We'll go ahead and put him on here. How are you doing, Dewey What we're going to first do is probably let's do the feet first method. Let me zoom out just a little bit. There we go, with it zoomed out. Basically what you do is you place your dog's feet in the holes on either side of the chest X strap. Once you get your dog, and Dewey's doing a very good job here. Once you get that on his feet, then basically what you'll do is just pull the harness of the dog's head. Then, the chest adjustment strap will rest right below the neck. If you have to, you can adjust that chest strap. Then, you can adjust the side straps to ensure a nice comfortable secure fit. As you can see right here, you have a nice leash if needed and then the ring right here, the D-ring, you can clip it in to secure him to the vehicle. What we'll try to do this time, let's go ahead and . Can we take it off and maybe do the head first method Again, some dogs might not like it over the head. Some might not like it on the feet. So, you just pick the one that will work best for your dog. Dewey seems to like it either way. Now that we get it off . Come here, Dewey. Come on up, Dewey. Dewey. We'll get him back up here and we're going to do the head first method. There he is. There you go. Sit down, Dewey, Sit down, buddy. Okay. Now, the head first method. Basically what you're going to do first instead of putting the feet in, what you're going to do is place the harness over your dog's head just like that. He seems to take that. No problem. The chest adjustment strap will rest right below his neck. Then, what you end up doing is pull your dog's feet through the holes of the chest X strap. Then, the same way like you did on the other method. Now that it's on him, you can just adjust the chest strap on you need to and adjust the side strap how you need to give the dog a nice comfortable secure fit. Again, you got your strap right here for walking him when you stop. If he's in the vehicle traveling and you need to stop, you can hold this as a leash. When not using it, you have the D-ring that you can hook it onto. That should do it. That was a good job by Dewey. That should do it for the review on part number RR24035, the Ruff Rider Roadie Pet Harness and Vehicle Restraint System. .

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