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Camco Patio Accessories - Outdoor Maintenance - CAM42895 Review

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Review of Camco RV and Camping CAM42895

Today we'll be reviewing part number CAM42895. This is the Camco Extra Large Pop-up Container. The extra large collapsible container is going to provide storage for leaves, laundry, trash, and more. It's made from a heavy duty canvas material that also functions as a durable liner to help prevent wear and tear. Here at the bottom it does feature a little loop. That way you can mount a stake through and get it anchored to the ground to keep in place on those breezy and windy conditions. There's one located on each side.

It also features two padded handles that make carrying easy. There's also an extra handle towards the bottom that makes lifting very easy and also a little bit more simple when it comes to if you need to pour out whatever's in the container, that allows you to tilt the container a little bit easier. This does have a capacity of up to a 39 gallon trash or lawn bag. Got a lot of room in there to work with. If you don't want to get a mess on the canvas then you can put in a 39 gallon trash bag or a lawn bag. That will fit nicely inside.

The overall height is going to give us a measurement of right at 28". The diameter is going to measure 22" from edge of opening to edge of opening on the other side. It does fold for easy and convenient storage. All you got to do is push it down. Then those stake pocket mounts or those mounts that we said we could put a stake through also function for the toggle to go through. That way it's going to provide a secure closure - and there's two of those.

Once you have those toggles thought there, you can see it will conveniently store without taking up much space. With it in a stowed position it's only going to stand about 2-1/2" tall. That's going to complete today's review of part number CAM42895. This is the Camco Extra Large Pop-up Container in a nice green color. .

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