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Camco Patio Accessories - Outdoor Maintenance - CAM42893 Review

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Review of Camco RV and Camping CAM42893

Today we'll be reviewing part number CAM42893. This is the Camco Pop-up Container. It's in a nice black color. The collapsible container is going to provide storage for leaves, laundry, trash, and more. Has a heavy duty canvas material and a durable liner that's going to help prevent wear and tear. Also features the nice padded handles that make carrying pretty simple and easy.

Comes with a stake; that way you can secure it to the ground even on those windy days. One of the things I really like about this is that it has a zippered lid. That's going to be great to keep the contents of the bag inside the bag where they belong. It's also going to provide closure and it's also going to be able, when you're using this as a lawn bag for your clippings or your leaves, on those windy days it's not going to allow those materials to exit the bag and get back all over the yard. This fits 33 gallon trash or lawn bag. With it in the fully extended position, if we measure the overall height, it's going to give us a measurement of about 24" tall. It's going to have a diameter of right around 17".

To collapse this we can just push down and the lid we can choose to leave that open; I like to leave it open to allow the air to escape - or you can zip it shut. We'll just push it down and then we'll take our hook and loop strips and fasten those. We'll make sure that we want to store the included stake and then we can just put it back in the storage bag. Then we can zip that up and with it in the stored position it's still going to keep about that 17-1/2" diameter. I do add in the 1/2" just because of the bag. It's only going to stand about 2" tall when laying flat.

That's going to do it for today's review of part number CAM42893. This is the Camco Pop-up Container measuring 24" tall. .

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