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Review of CUB Blind Spot Detection - RV and Motorhome - CU52XR

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CUB Blind Spot Detection - RV and Motorhome - CU52XR Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at the blind spot monitoring system for the 55 foot long RVs and motorhomes. Now, this is an advanced blind spot monitoring system, which will provide blind spot detection, lane change alert, and rear cross traffic alert. And as we've mentioned, it's for 55 foot long RVs and motorhomes. This kit will include everything I got laid out here on the table.

Just gonna zoom in and go over some pieces here. We're gonna start. It comes with these left and right blind spot radar sensors with the gaskets for installation. Comes with this control unit. Comes with a left and right pillar mount warning indicators.

Power button right here. Comes with the buzzer, the wiring harnesses. And this harness here is an OBD-II harness. Comes with the hardware, the connectors, even has a hole drill bit for installation. Comes with both an installation and operation guide to show you how all this installs and how it all operates.

Now basically, this system will monitor any blind spots for increased safety while you're driving your RV or motorhome. As we mentioned, this is compatible with most 55 foot long RVs and motorhomes. Does include a 55 foot long trailer harness. This kit will work in areas with low reception, such as tunnels or mountains. Now, their left and right radar sensors right here, these are equipped for blind spot detection, lane change alert, and rear cross traffic alert.

These are designed to mount at the rear corners of your RV or motorhome, and they use a radar frequency of 24 gigahertz. The blind spot detection will monitor adjacent lanes for up to about 75 feet, and will automatically activate when your vehicle exceeds 15 miles per hour. The lane change alert will monitor adjacent lanes, indicates when vehicles are within your warning zone, and they'll activate when you, with the use of turn signals when your vehicle also exceeds 15 miles per hour. And they will also even detect vehicles approaching at high speeds within two seconds of potential impact. The rear cross traffic alert, this will monitor for obstacles up to 65, 60 feet behind your vehicle. They'll activate when your vehicle is placed into reverse. Now, we did mention these indicators here. They are designed to mount into your pillar. They are a left and right LED indicator to provide audio and visual alerts. They'll alert you to the side of the warning by blinking and emitting on the, an audible tone on that side. This whole kit is a simple installation. Comes with all the included connectors and wiring harness we mentioned. Even comes with this ODB-II connector. It's designed to work with your vehicle's diagnostic system to ensure accurate readings. All the wiring harnesses are an automotive-grade and weathertight connection. And the system is an ISO 17387 Type III, blind spot detection system standard compliant. But that should do it for the review on this blind spot monitoring system for the 55 foot long RVs and motorhomes..

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