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CE Smith Boat Accessories - Fishing Rod Holder - CE53725 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the CE Smith fishing rod holder. This is a vertical clamp on style. It'll work with boats that have a five and seven 32nd circumference rail. This allows you to fish hands free and have multiple lines in the water by holding your deep sea fishing rod steady while you tend to other things. Has a slip resistant mounting bracket. It's just going to clamp onto the vertical rail on your boat.

Does have the screws to get that in place. So, these just thread right into the base on the other side. That provides the clamping force to hold those nice and secure.That hardware is going to be made of stainless steel, so we don't have to worry about any rusting with that. The overall body on our rod holder is going to be made of an anodized aluminum material. So, that's also going to resist corrosion and, we don't really have to worry about the salt water damaging any part of our holder.As you can see, it also has a nice mirror finish.

So, it's going to be a highly polished surface, which will look really, really good on your boat, no matter what style you prefer. It also has the open bottom with the gimbal bar in place. This has a couple of benefits. That bar is going to help keep your fishing rod from spinning while it's in the tube. But, it's also going to be open to allow any water to drain out so it doesn't sit inside the tube itself.

It also provides a little bit of extra stability to our holder to give it a little bit of extra strength.You'll also notice that in the support here there's going to be an integrated hole. That's to allow you to use a hook or a strap, or a bungee to secure your rod a little bit better. You can find a lot of options for bungees and straps here at So, definitely check that out while you're shopping around.Inside our rod holder is going to be a vinyl liner to protect it from any scratches and scuffs. That does pop out of place, so if you ever need to replace that or clean it out for any reason you can do so.

The bolt head on our screws, those are going to be three 16th of an inch hex bit. That'll loosen and tighten those up. Again, these are going to be for round boat rails that are five and seven 32nds in circumference.Now, that also works out to a 1.66 inch diameter, or one and 11/16ths inch in diameter. The diameter of our inner tube is going to be one and five eights. The tilt angle on our holder is going to be 20 degrees.Now, as far as the distance here, our rod holder is going to be 10 inches in overall length, going from the top lip to the bottom. It's furthest point that it'll stick out from the center of the holder there going from the center of the clamp to the very far edge, that is going to be about seven and a half inches or, six and a half inches. To give you an idea of how far out it's going to be. Then, the widest part on our clamp is going to be about two and a half inches.This product is also made in the USA. That's going to do it for our look at the CE Smith fishing rod holder with a vertical clamp on style, for a five and seven 32nd circumference rails.

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