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Review of Buyers Products Underbody Tool Box - Truck Underbody Tool Box - 3371717105

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Buyers Products Underbody Tool Box - Truck Underbody Tool Box - 3371717105 Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Buyers Products 36 inch wide underbody toolbox. Now, this black underbody toolbox will give you increased durability in a nice lightweight package with the rust resistant, molded, high-density, ribbed polyethylene construction. Now, this is designed for installation under the body of your truck bed. Now, the mounting bracket is not included.

We do sell that separately on our website, and that is part number 3371701000. And basically, that L, it's an L shape bracket that'll attach to your truck, and it holds this toolbox in place under your truck bed. And it is listed on this product page as a related product. I mentioned this box is lightweight. It is only about 31 pounds.

It is a nice dent-resistant high-density polyethylene body. And what's nice is the box contents on the inside stay safe and secure behind this nice molded double wall locking door design. Move to the front here and it's a nice, easy access drop door. It is held in place right down at the bottom here with a quarter inch, full-width, solid stainless steel hinge pin. And then I'll show you, when we open it, you flip open the T handle just like that.

Twist it a quarter of a turn, that'll release the door. And if you notice as we drop it, you can see that on each side, they have these nice aircraft grade cables that'll hold it in place. You can see it is a nice double wall door. And again, we mentioned before, with piano hinge down there. Also, right along here, all the way around the opening, is a nice automotive bulb seal that's used to protect the contents from the elements.

So, when you close your door up against that seal, nothing will be able to get into the contents. And what is nice is right here, you can see the security is enhanced with a three-point locking, stainless steel compression latch system right here. So, you can see when we turn that and then flip the handle down out of the way, it's latched into place. I do wanna zoom in just to show you up close that latch system. So again, to open it, you just flip this up, turn it a quarter of a turn, and that'll release it. And as you can see, as we open it up, we mentioned there's a three-point locking system. Basically, that's a center point. Let me turn this like when it's locked. Right here, you'll see there's a center point where it'll lock. And then on each end, there's two rods. One that'll go that way and one that'll go this way, and it'll lock on each end. So, when you do flip this up, let's open it back up. When you do flip this all the way closed and then twist that, it's gonna lock here, on that end and on that end. So, nobody can actually pry open each side to get into it. So, it's a nice, secure locking point. Does come with the two keys here. So, when you lock it, let's go ahead and push that out of the way. Just go ahead and turn that a quarter of a turn, take your key out and it is locked. Now, the handle will still pop up but you just won't be able to twist it. Any which way to open, it stays locked. And then to open it, just take your key, put it into the lock, twist it that quarter of a turn, that unlocks it. Now, you can see, you can unlock it just like that. Very simple to use. It is a nice, solid black color. The dimensions, again, we mentioned the width on it at the widest point in the front here is 36 inches wide. The height, 18 inches tall. And the total depth on this box, front to back is 18 inches deep. This part is made in the USA. But that should do it for the review on this Buyers Products 36 inch wide underbody toolbox..

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