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Buyers Products Mud Flaps - Universal Fit - 337B36LP Review

Today we're going to take a quick look at the Buyer's product mud flaps. These are going to protect your vehicle from any mud or road debris from coming up and causing issues with either scratching your paint, or just getting your truck all dirty. These are going to be pretty large size mud flaps. They measure 24" wide there and it's pretty much right on, and then 36" long. Again, that's pretty accurate there.Has a sort of pattern on the front that's going to help to prevent any build-up of ice or a lot of really caked on mud, helps that to sort of, fall off. Has just a plain finish made of a durable rubber construction that's going to resist any tearing or cutting.

Again, helps to keep any impacts down from any road debris that might get kicked up, any sort of rocks or chunks of pavement, smaller things. It's going to help to keep our vehicle safe.This one in particular has two different mounting holes, so depending on how high you'll need your flaps to go, the distance between those, center to center, is about 6". If you only need 30" for that mat, you can cut off the top piece or just mount it up to that bottom row of mounting holes. The distance between them is 7" for each one, so overall, from the one on the right side here to the one on the left, it will be 21" apart and then 7 inches in between, so we'll have the first one, 7" and then 14 and 21.It does not come with any hardware to mount this up so you will have to pick up your own to get these mounted. It's probably not a bad idea to also get some anti-sail brackets.

Those are just those wire brackets that hold those in place and keep them from really sailing around, or really flapping too much in the wind. It helps to keep them more rigid and stay in place better.You do get two mats. You can see I've got the one that's its twin underneath there. They are 1/4" thick, so pretty heavy material. I think they'll do a great job of protecting your truck, protecting your vehicle as you're going down the road, and help everything stay nice and clean.That's going to do it for our look at the Buyer's product mud flaps..

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