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Buyers Products Lights - Utility/Work Lights - 3371492190 Review

Today we're going to take a quick look at the Buyer's Products LED work light. Now, this is going to be a great, very bright light to have on your truck. Maybe out on your construction site to illuminate a wide area. It has a nice flood beam with 4050 lumen, so plenty bright to light up the night and get you out and working.We'll have a tough polycarbonate lens. This is going to have a rating of IP 67. It pretty much means that it's going to be dust proof, water proof, able to withstand any rain, wind, snow, or sleet.

So great for an outdoor light.We'll also have our aluminum housing. This is going to be great for a couple reasons. It's going to be very durable, no worries about rusting, but also, it's going to be better suited for dissipating heat with this nice design. We'll have lots of fins there. That creates a greater surface area for that heat to build up to dissipate and keep our light cool, which is going to help our LEDs last longer.The other advantage with our LEDs is that, generally, LEDs are going to last a much longer time than incandescent bulbs, and we won't have to worry about any kind of maintenance with these.

There's no bulbs to change out 'cause there's no filaments that can break, so it's going to be a very durable, pretty much maintenance free light.It does come with the bracket, and a long bolt, nut, and lock washer to get that secured down. You'll also get a larger bolt to attach that at the bottom. You'll want to put this in place before you actually put that bracket on because, as you can see, there's not really much room to get that bolt in place once our bracket is on the bottom of the light. But it does come with the mounting hardware. That hardware is going to be stainless steel, so again, we don't have to worry about any rusting there.I'll go ahead and turn the light on so you can see just how bright this is going to be.

And there you go. So very nice bright, white light. You can see it's pretty much blowing out my hand there. And I've got it about four feet away. My whole hand length.

It's still lighting up very well. I'll go ahead and take out, or turn off of the lights in the studio here, get a little better idea of what it does in the dark. Still super white, or super bright, nice light. Illuminates a wide area. Again, I've got this about my arm's length, and still plenty bright with just this one light.It's going to have 16 diodes in all. Again, it has a max output of 4050 lumens. This is going to be compatible with 12 volt and 24 volt DC systems. That bracket is adjustable, so we can get this dialed in to where we need it to be.Pretty simple installation. I showed you the bracket earlier. As far as the wiring goes, we just have to make a power and ground connection off of our light in the back. Red is for power, black is for ground. And the wiring coming off the back is going to be 18 inches, so it should be a good amount of length to get that wired up.The power draw for this is going to be 1.96 amps at 12 volts. As far as our dimensions, it's about 5 and 15/16ths inches, or really just under 6 inches. By 4 inches tall. About three and three-quarters inches tall as far as the surface of the light itself. With our bracket in place, it's a bit taller. It's closer to . We'll lay it flat here and we'll be able to actually see. It's going to be closer to about just under 5 inches. And then it's about one and a half inches thick. So pretty small profile for such a powerful little light.The wattage for this is going to be 24 watts, and this does have a five year warranty from Buyer's.Overall, I think this is going to be a great light to have. Our light is going to reach up to 548 feet, so it's going to illuminate a very nice wide area. And again, no worries about any kind of maintenance with this light. It's just going to provide you a nice bright light to get you working, even in low light situations.That's going to do it for our look at the Buyer's Products LED work light.

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