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Review of Buyers Products Emergency Supplies - Warning Lights - 337SL500A

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Buyers Products Emergency Supplies - Warning Lights - 337SL500A Review

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the buyer's products incandescent strobe light. This is going to be a handy light for your vehicle to operate in a warning light fashion.It helps you to let other drivers know to stay clear or just watch out for you if you're plowing or maybe a recovery vehicle or whatever the case may be. This has a couple of different ways to mount. We'll have a magnetic mount that's already installed there, has a little silicone ring around that to provide a little suction, so whenever you mount that up it just easily mounts in place and provides a good hold on that metal surface.If you wanted to mount this to a headache rack, like the Cab Guard headache rack from Buyers, there are some accessory mounts that you can get that this just sits onto and it magnetizes right to that metal plate. So that makes it easy.We have a lot of those available here at if you want to pick that up separately or you can mount it more permanently move that magnet off the bottom and then use the ring and the grommet and all the hardware to actually attach it via the three holes there at the bottom.That's lets you attach it more permanently, more securely to either a mount or to your roof or your toolbox or wherever you want to have this mounted up.It has an amber colored lens that just can unthread there. You'll see our incandescent bulb on the inside and then our wiring, which is 10 feet long.

Should be a good amount of length to get that run into our vehicle through the window or if you really wanted to, you can also route it through a grommet somewhere if you can get it within that 10 feet.It plugs into a 12-volt outlet or your cigarette lighter in your vehicle. I'm just going to hook it up to my power and ground connections just to show you how bright the strobe is.So there it'll go. Turn out our lights there and you can see how bright that strobe is. So pretty good amount of light coming off that little guy. It has that amber housing.

It has that warning light. It's compatible with 12 and 24-volt DC systems. The wire length, again, 10 feet long or 120 inches. The power output for this is 1.7 joules. The wattage is 7.2 watts.

Our voltage again, 12 to 24 volts. Amperage is 0.6 amps and it does come with a one year limited warranty from Buyers.So now that we've talked about all those specs, let's talk about dimensions. The top of the housing here at the top of the light is about three and a quarter inches in diameter. The base is about five inches in diameter. The wider part of our light is roughly four and a quarter in diameter and then it sits about four inches high with that magnetic mount.We'll give the little seal plate and a grommet again to get everything connected.

It does also come with two wire nuts if you wanted to cut off the 12-volt adapter and then wire it in directly. I think that this is a pretty good system, especially if you're going to be taking this off, if you're just going to be using it for the season when you're plowing or just in those rare instances where you need to tow somebody out of a ditch or anything like that. Or maybe you're towing a pretty heavy load, but this does allow you to make a more permanent connection into a power and ground wiring. So you'll have those little wire nuts there. It's just an option that it comes with.And that's going to do it for our look at the Buyer's products incandescent strobe light.

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