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Buyers Products Emergency Supplies - Warning Lights - 3378891325 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with, today we're going to take a look at a potential solution. For those of you who maybe have a seasonal snow plow or a construction truck that you're wanting to make more visible when you're working. This is the Buyers Products hidden strobe kit with inline flashers. It's going to provide 19 different flash patterns to get the attention of those nearby to make sure that your presence is noticeable. It's going to contain two of these light heads and cables with the inline flash modules.

Both of these light heads are going to have six high intensity LED diodes. Those LEDs are going to be a lot better than your incandescent lights they're a lot more efficient. You're going to get a brighter light with less power output. It's going to have, it's going to be compatible with all 12 volt systems and it's going to draw 1.3 amps.You're not going to have any bulbs to replace. There's no brittle filaments inside the LEDs that are going to break down over time, so they are going to last like 50 times longer than your incandescent lights, so it's going to be a good investment to have those LEDs.

These lights are designed to be surface or hidden mount so they install inside your vehicle's headlights or taillights so they're not going to diminish the look of your vehicle when you don't need them. This kit is going to include hardwiring to your lights. You're going to have 25 feet of corrosion resistant cables with the weather pack connectors, and that's just to this junction box here. From our junction box we're going to have a 37 and a half inch line going out to our lights and then we're going to have a 116 inch line going out to our other LED head there.So, obviously the shorter side will be the side that you want to run your cables on, and then they give you plenty of room to run it to the other side as well. One nice thing about this kit is it can be combined with up to eight strobe heads total, so you could get four of these kits and have all these lights mounted on your vehicle.

They'll all be synchronized so that you're going to be very visible. You can have them mounted all over, both headlights and taillights, so that you'll be very visible to those around you. You can see these are a clear lens with clear LEDs, so it's going to give you that bright whiteish light. For those of you who are in California, this is CA13 compatible compliant, so you're not going to have to worry about any sort of a buildup on the lenses distorting the light or anything like that. It's going to be a high quality product for you.Now one thing to keep in mind, you are going to get a wiring diagram to show you how to wire this up and switch between your different light functions.

You might want to get a switch to make it easier for you to switch between those 19 different flash patterns. I would recommend the Buyers pre-wired switch with momentary button. That's just going to help you switch in between those strobe settings. And this kit does come with a five year warranty from Buyers Products. I do want to show you real quick some of the options, different strobe lights that we have here. So I'm going to get this mounted up, pick our ground up, and then depending on where your power is running, to which of your lights, will determine the strobe pattern.So that's one pattern that we have. That's another, I'm going to turn off the lights in the studio here so you can get it, get an idea of how bright those are. Like I said, we are going to have 19 different strobe patterns and then you can hook these up with other similar lights to make sure that you are getting that notability all over your vehicle so that other motorists, pedestrians can see your presence and you don't have to worry about being invisible in a snow storm or in the dark or anything like that. That's going to complete our look at the Buyers Products hidden strobe kit.

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