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Buyers Products Emergency Supplies - Warning Lights - 337SL475A Review

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Review of Buyers Products Emergency Supplies 337SL475A

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Buyer's Products 24 LED portable beacon light. This beacon light runs on two D batteries and can be used for multiple applications, such as roadside and personal visibility. It's completely portable, so it features a magnetic base that can easily attach to your vehicle without causing any harm. It's a nice, strong, durable design. We do have these little protective stickers over the magnets so that way the magnets don't cause any type of scratches or abrasions to the finish of the vehicle and then also we have a carrying or hanging strap right here on top.Now the beacon can be operated via the automatic light sensor or a standard on and off switch. So, if I hit the on and off button, you can see here that it flashes and then I can turn that off.

Then, located on the inside . So, we unscrew the base and that's how we gain access to the battery ports. Right here we have a switch so it can come on when we hit the on and off switch or we can flip it over to be controlled by the sensor. The sensor will not activate since it's off, so I'll turn it on and as soon as it's dark enough it'll come on automatically. Then we can control that with the on and off switch.

So, now it's back on so when it's dark it will come on, when it's light it'll stop flashing.It's a really nice design. It's very easy to use. I just switched it back to manual mode. I want you to be able to see it with the lights off again. 360 degree light output.

Right here where the base threads on, it features an O-ring seal for weather proof connection and operation, so it prevents dirt and moisture from getting in there. This does feature an IP65 rating to keep out dirt and moisture. It is an LED system, LED's make great replacements for incandescent lights. They last longer, they burn brighter and they're more efficient. With LED's you don't have to worry about replacing bulbs or worry about brittle filaments.When it comes to the dimensions, at the base we're looking at about four inches.

Overall height is about . IF we measure from this point here, it's about four and three quarter inches. Including the little tie down point here for the hanging or carrying rope, we're looking at about five inches. It's got a nice yellow housing. It features a clear lens with amber LED's and overall it's just a really nice design. Multi-diode design to really help optimize the output.That's going to do it for today's look at the Buyer's Product portable beacon light.

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