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Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at a 12-volt electric trailer jack. Now, this 12-volt electric jack gives you the convenience of electric operation to raise, lower, and level your parked RV or trailer. It has a pre-wired trailer connector power supply for quick plugin operation. It is designed to plug into the seven-way connection on your vehicle. Now, this can be removed and hardwired if you don't want to use the seven-way option. It's designed to mount a standard A-frame coupler, mounting hardware not included.

The mount holes on the unit are designed to fit standard A-frame couplers, and the outer tube diameter is around two and one-quarter inches.Now, this trailer jack has a capacity of 3,500 pounds. The jack features a built-in leveling gauge directly here on the top to make sure you're level every time. Also, on the sides, we have LED lighting that point at a downward angle. Those are great when it comes to hooking up or disconnecting at low light or nighttime conditions. The LED lights are controlled by the on and off button right back here, that red button.

Located at the bottom, it has a really nice sized footplate on it. Now, footplates are designed to really help spread out the applied weight, especially on softer services to prevent sinking. That footplate has an outer diameter of five and a half inches.Now, when it comes to the actual body of the jack, we're looking at a nice durable carbon steel construction, and it has a corrosion-resistant black powder coated finish on the unit that protects the jack from rust and corrosion. The switches, so every place right here with a wiring feeds into the unit, that is all weather-sealed, which protects the jack from the elements, and should you need it, it does come with a manual crank handle in case of power failure. This allows you to manually raise and lower the jack.

All you have to do is remove the leveling gauge right here at the top, and that allows you to gain access to the manual override. Overall, we're looking at a nice durable system.Now, when it's in the fully retracted position, I got a measurement of around nine inches from the ground to the bottom of the mounting plate. When it was in the fully extended position, that measurement increased around 27 inches. This jack gives us a lift or travel of 18 inches. In the footplate right here, you'll notice it has a pin and clip.

We can take that out, and the clip plate actually has a multi-hole design on it. We have one, two, three, four holes on there. We got four individual holes, and each hole is separated on center by an inch and a half, which gives us an additional four and a half inches of lift with the footplate. You can adjust that as needed once you find the setting you need for your application, line up the pinholes, secure it back on there with the pin and clip.I'm going to hook this up the power here in a moment. I do want to point out that I did mention it has a black powder-coated finish. This is a nice texture design. It's not glossy. It's more like a matte finish. That's going to do a great job at hiding scratches and abrasions or anything that happens to the surfacing here of the actual trailer jack. Also, when it comes to clearance, I want you to know that from the bottom of the mounting bracket to the top of the jack, I got about 19 to 19 and one-quarter inches. We're going to go and hook it up to power. That way you can see what it looks like with power running to it. We'll also turn off the overhead light so you could see the LED lighting a little bit better.All right, so I'm going to go and show you just how it moves. We have our extend and retract toggle switch right here, pretty quiet operation, also moves at a really good pace. Again, this has the ability to travel 18 inches using the switch. We got a lot of movement there. I'm not going to show you the whole thing. To retract it, you just pull the lever back the other way. It does have the sticker right here, and it says, "Stop, do not retract past this point." You want to make sure that when restracting . Excuse me, when retracting, you do not bring this outer tube really too much past the top of that sticker. When it hits that, let off. That way we don't overload or overwork our motor. When it comes to the LED lighting, you just hit the switch on the back. You can see there, it provides a really nice soft glow. We have LED lights on each side of the unit. That's going to do it for today's look at the 12-volt electric trailer jack.

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