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Review of Bulldog Winch Off Road Accessories - Tow Straps and Recovery Straps - BDW20378

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Bulldog Winch Off Road Accessories - Tow Straps and Recovery Straps - BDW20378 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff from Today, we're gonna take a look at this Bulldog Winch, 30 foot long, Big Dog Kinetic Recovery Rope with the nice mesh storage bag. Now this rope is a nice high strength nylon rope which employs kinetic energy buildup to recover a stuck vehicle. This will enable a nice, smooth recovery between two vehicles and because of the size of this rope it's perfect for use on semi size trucks and heavy farm equipment that have a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 41,667 pounds. It is a kinetic rope it's designed to stretch to prevent any shock or jarring, which is common when you're using a static tow strap or chain. The stretch rate on this road is about 25%.

And basically the elasticity will reduce the possibility of vehicle damage. I just wanted to zoom in and show you the built-in loops. There's one right here. There's one right up here. These built in loops on each will let you attach to your shackle or your D-ring on your vehicles.

Basically you'll connect these loop ends to the anchor points on both vehicles using bow shackles which we do sell separately on our website. And if you notice they do have a nice polyurethane coating to protect the attachment points from any scratches. Now, one note you do want to remember when you're using this rope you must use the components that are designed for recovery operations. You do not want to attempt to try to use this on a hitch ball for recovery operation. Now this Big Dog Kinetic Recovery Rope is is easy to set up for recovery operations.

Basically what you'll do is simply connect one end to the loop here to an anchor point on your stuck vehicle using, as we mentioned the appropriately rated bow shackles and then connect the other end right here to an anchor point on the recovery vehicle, using a second bow shackle. And then basically with some slack in the rope you'll accelerate your tow vehicle to about 16 miles per hour. Then you're slow down and come to a full stop. And this adds the rope stretches. It builds up the kinetic energy and this energy will convert to potential energy at the stuck vehicle.

And then that potential energy will generate the force. That'll help propel your stuck vehicle toward the towing vehicle. Now also what's nice. I mentioned, let me zoom back out here. They do include this nice large camo mesh duffle bag with the straps here for storage of the rope. Basically can zip it all the way open put your rope in there. And what's nice about it on the ends they're all, it's a mesh material so it will allow the straps if they're wet or damp or any ropes you put in there to dry out. So reduce the chance for any mold or mildew build up the size on this storage bag is about 26 inches long by about 10 inches in diameter. Now, a few specs on the rope. The rope itself is two inch diameter. We mentioned 30 feet in length, the maximum load or breaking strength on this as 125,000 pounds. But the vehicle recovery capacity will be a third of that which is 41,667 pounds. But that should do it for the review on this Bulldog Winch, 30 foot long, Big Dog Kinetic Recovery Rope with the mesh storage bag..

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