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Review of Bulldog Winch - Camping and Hiking - BDW80064

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Bulldog Winch - Camping and Hiking - BDW80064 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the wire basket for Bulldog Winch Sportsman Cooler. This is going to fit the 45 and 65 quart models. This is just going to be a handy thing to fit over the lip or that top ledge of your cooler. It helps to keep items out of the melted ice at the bottom so it's going to be perfect for things you'd want to keep dry. Things like your sandwiches, maybe some snacks like crackers. Other stuff you just don't want to have to dive down into the ice for but you still want to keep cool inside your cooler.Now another nice thing I really like about this basket is that it has a plastic dip coating to the wire so it's not going to just be a coat of paint on there that can chip off or flake off over time.

It's going to be a really durable coating so we don't have to worry about this rusting out or corroding over time and just getting nasty and something that we wouldn't really want to have our food in. But with that plastic dip coating, it's going to be fine for any of our items. We don't have to worry about any rusting. It's going to stay looking nice and clean for a long time.The tabs on the side are going to let that basket just rest on that top ledge. As far as our dimensions, the narrowest part going long ways is going to be about 10-1/2 inches wide.

At the top it'll be about 12-1/2 inches wide going from inside edge to inside edge. In the other direction it's going to be about 9-1/2 inches wide. At the top, again, inside edge to inside edge, it'll be about 10-1/2. Over all, from outside edge to outside edge it's going to be about 12 inches from one lip to the other. Going in the other direction ...

I've got to switch to my tape measure here instead of my ruler . and that's going to be 13-3/4.As far as the over all depth, oops, wrong way. It's going to be about 3-3/4 deep. So again, plenty of room for any of your items, sandwiches. You can pile up in there.

Maybe some other snacking items. There should be plenty of room.Now if you need a wire basket for the smaller cooler, the 20 quart, we also have that available at That part number will be B-D-W-8-0-0-6-3.That's going to do it for our quick look at the wire basket for Bulldog Winch Sportsman Cooler for the 45 and 65 quart model.

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