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Bulldog Trailer Jack - Side Frame Mount Jack - BD198250 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Bulldog sidewind round pipe mount swivel jack with a 15 inch lift and a 7,000 pound capacity. Now this is a dependable jack. It's recognized as industry standard for agricultural and commercial applications. It is ASABE compliant. This is a pipe mount Jack, which is a tubular swivel design, that'll let you swing the jack up for travel, and down for you. A pipe mount, which is this portion right here, let me just pull the pin out, this portion here, this is welded to your trailer.

You can see it has the different holes in it, and it allows you when you put your jack in there to swivel the jack up or down, and it does include this five eighths inch diameter pull pin, that when you get it into whatever position you just push it down it has a little ball bearing on the end. That'll just lock it into place.This jack does use precision fitted parts to provide exceptional stability and reliability. This is a sidewind jack, so it has a sidewind handle, you can see as you crank it, it'll raise the jack. It's a nice, smooth, ergonomic design for easy cranking. Then if you rotate it the other way, it'll lower the jack.The radius on the handle, which is measured from here to here, is going to be right at about eight and a half inches.

Now the outer tube right here is a gray painted finish, the diameter on that is two and a quarter inches. The inner tube down here is zinc plated, and that diameter is about two inches. It does come with this foot plate, and I've mentioned the weld on pipe mount. The footplate is welded in, and it is zinc plate also. Lift capacity on this is 7,000 pounds, the static capacity of 7,000 pounds.The bracket height, let me go ahead and retract this all the way.

Once we get it retracted fully, then I'll put a measurement on it to show you what the bracket height would be, and the bracket height there, that's all the way down bracket height will be measured from the center of this pipe mount to the ground. If we put our ruler on that, you're going to see 16 inch retracted. Then if you crank it all the way out with the 15 inch lift, that'll give you an extended measurement of 31 inches. The clearance on this, which will be measured also from the center to the top of the jack, is going to be right at up six and three eighths inches.But that should do it for the review on the Bulldog sidewind round pipe mount swivel jack with a 15 inch lift and a 7,000 pound capacity.

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