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Review of Bulldog Trailer Jack - Side Frame Mount Jack - BD183749

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Bulldog Trailer Jack - Side Frame Mount Jack - BD183749 Review

Jeff: Hello, everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at this Bulldog two-speed square jack with the non-spring return drop plate. It has a 26-inch lift and a 25,000-pound capacity.Now, this is a heavy-duty square jack. So it's perfect for raising, leveling and supporting horse livestock and other heavyweight trailers. It is a two-speed design, makes cranking faster and easier, has a low gear, which will give you full lifting power, offers a ratio of one inch of lift every 29 and a half turns, and it offers a high gear which has ultimate speed with one-inch lift for every nine turns. It is the traditional gearbox design, so it does require you to reposition the crank to switch the gears.

Now, the side-wind crank to do that is not included. We do sell that separately on our website and it is listed on this product page as a related product.It does offer an integrated screw stop, which keeps the jack from overextending, prevents any damage to the nut in the screw. And it does offer these easy to access grease fittings. There's one right here. And then there's two on the side right here.

This will allow you to attach a grease gun to it, and then pump grease into there for routine maintenance.Now, the drop-leg on this, it is a non-spring return. It will increase your overall extension of 13 and a half inches for maximum adjustability. I did say it's a non-spring return, meaning that it must manual be lifted back up to retract. To release it, all you have to do is push down on this handle and when you push it down all the way, it opens the pins and it'll let that drop leg fall down. It has five different positions that you can put it in.

Once you get it in, in one of those positions, you just lift back up on that and it'll lock it into that position.If you notice has a large foot plate, provides excellent stability. The foot plate dimension is 10 inches by 10 inches. This is a heavy duty steel. Offers superior strength and durability, has a black painted inner tube and outer tube for weather resistance. And it is a direct weld design.Now a few specs on this jack.

The bracket height when it's fully retracted like it is right now is going to be 28 and a half inches. Now it does offer a total lift of 26 inches, meaning the drop-leg of 13 and a half inches, and the screw travel of 12 and a half inches. So if you have those together, it'll give you a fully extended. If this Jack was fully extended with the drop leg fully extended, it'd be 54 and a half inches. Lift capacity on this is 25,000 pounds and the static capacity is 25,000 pounds. But that should do it for the review on this Bulldog two-speed square jack with the non-spring return drop leg, 26 inch lift and a 25,000 pound capacity.

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