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Bulldog Camper Jack - Landing Gear - BD185400 Review

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Review of Bulldog Camper Jack BD185400

Today we're gonna review part number B D one eight five four zero zero. This is the Bulldog Velocity Series electric landing gear jack. It has a twenty-four inch lift and a twelve thousand pound weight capacity. Now this heavy duty electric jack features a nice powerful twelve volt motor that can handle heavy loads while maintaining speed. The electric landing gear jack will let you quickly and easily level and stabilize your trailer. Also, this part is for one jack. An additional jack can be purchased so you can level your trailer in tandem.

This has a single speed twelve volt D C motor which maintains a high speed, even with heavy loads. It is a sealed motor and requires no maintenance. It has a built in clutch which will prevent damage from over extension. It does also come with this remote control with a five foot long cord. Plug it into the side here.

It makes it very easy to operate from a distance. You can see it has the mounting brackets. There's two mounting brackets here with different rows of holes, so it's an adjustable bolt on mounting bracket which will fit multiple trailer heights. It bolts on to the trailer. There's no welding required. On the very bottom right down here you can see it has an extra large articulating foot plate which provides excellent stability and prevents sinking and tilting.

Everything has a nice powder coated steel to help resist corrosion. Now, at the very top here, if you pull this plug off, you will have access to a bolt, and that's where you can put a manual override crank which will allow you to operate this jack without electricity. Now the crank is not included. It is sold separately on our website, but I also found out that you could use a three quarter inch socket with about a six inch extension that'll fit right in there and do the same thing. Now a few specs on this. The bracket height, in other words, I'm gonna hook this up in a minute just to show you how it operates, but basically, when it's fully retracted like it is now in the retracted position, the bracket height is gonna be about forty five inches. When we hook up the remote and extend it all the way, fully extended, it's about sixty-nine inches, so that gives you a total travel of twenty-four inches. The lift capacity again is about twelve thousand pounds.

Again, it's a twelve volt motor. It's a single speed motor. It gives you about twenty inches of lift per minute at full capacity. The outer tube width is four inches by four inches and the foot plate dimension is gonna be ten inches by ten inches. Now one note just to mention to you, that landing gear is designed to stabilize a portion of your trailer's weight. It is not to support the full gross vehicle weight rating of your trailer and you do not want to use landing gear to lift your trailer or RV during tire changes or service work because doing so will exceed the capacity of the landing leg. So, just to show you real quick what we're gonna do, you can see the power and the ground wire is about four foot long, and what we're gonna do is I've got a twelve volt power supply here, so we're gonna hook it up, and I'm gonna try to show you how the jack will operate with the remote hooked to it. Once we've got it all hooked up and the power is on, you take your remote and you notice the plug is a three pin plug, so if we just pull off our cap, you'll see the three pins and then what you'll see is a little slot there. So you just line that up. Once you've lined that up you plug it in. There we go. We're all plugged in and it gives you again five foot of cord with your remote, so your mode will say extend, retract, so basically, with the power on, I'm gonna push extend and you can see how it will extend open, and as soon as you leave off the toggle switch it'll go to the middle, which is off. Then, if you want to retract it, you can see how it'll retract all the way down. Once you get to the bottom, you can see that it's fully retracted so it's as simple as that. Then, all is have to do is just pull out your cable and your remote, put your cap back on, and then you'd be all ready to go. That should do it for the review on part number B D one eight five four zero zero, the Bulldog Velocity Series electric landing gear jack, the twenty-four inch lift, and a twelve thousand pound weight capacity.

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