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Buffalo Tools Carts and Dollies - Snowmobile Dolly - BTSMDOLLY Review

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Review of Buffalo Tools Winter Weather Supplies BTSMDOLLY

Today we're going to be reviewing the snowmobile steel dolly set, part number BTSMDOLLY. It's going to allow you to easily maneuver your snowmobile while it's in storage. It's a nice durable dolly set. It's going to come with three dollies. You can see here that you're going to have two for the front skis and then you're going to have one for the rear rack. It's also going to be great when it comes to getting your snowmobile up off the ground to help prevent blade rust when it's in storage.

It's made from a nice heavy duty steel construction all the way around. It's going to feature a nice powder coated finish for ultimate rust resistance. Again, that covers the entire dolly on all three dollies. As a set it's going to have a capacity of fifteen hundred pounds. Each dolly's going to have four caster assemblies on them.

These are going to swivel three hundred and sixty degrees for easy mobility. It's going to have a nice, smooth, consistent roll. You can see there they've got really nice, smooth tires or wheels on them. Again, it's going to swivel three hundred and sixty degrees. The wheels are a nice, easy installation. You can see up in this portion here it's just got a nut that the threaded portion of the wheel is going to thread in to.

Very simple installation. It just takes a few moments for each dolly, to get all four wheels threaded into place and tightened down. The two dollies, here at the front, for the skis, you can tell those are for the front because they have the nice little groove running right through the middle of them. Now these dollies are going to have a different measurement than this dolly back here. These are going to give us a measurement of eight and a quarter by eight inches.

These two are going to be identical when it comes to that measurement. This dolly back here is going to give us a measurement of seven and a half inches by eight inches. The overall height of the dollies, with the wheels installed, that's going to give us a measurement of three and five-eighths of an inch. If you need an option to get your snowmobile up off the ground to prevent blade rust and something that's going to allow easy mobility, this is going to be ideal option for you. That's going to do it for the snowmobile steel dolly set, part number BTSMDOLLY. .

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