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Review of Bright Way Trailer Breakaway Kit - Kit with Charger - 3802346

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Bright Way Trailer Breakaway Kit - Kit with Charger - 3802346 Review

Today we're gonna take a look at the Bright Way Push to Test Trailer Breakaway Kit. Now this breakaway system will activate your trailer's electric brakes if your trailer disconnects from the tow vehicle, and a breakaway system is required by law in most states for trailers that are equipped with electric brakes, and have a gross towing weight capacity of at least 3000 pounds. Now besides being required, it is also offer you the nice peace of mind that in an emergency situation, where your trailer might come detached from your tow vehicle. This part will help stop the trailer and prevent an even more dangerous problem. Now this kit will include everything shown here. The battery box with the built in one amp charger, the battery on the inside, which is a 12 volt five-amp-hour battery and the breakaway switch.

Now the LED lights right here on the lid, there's three of them.These will light up and clearly indicate the status of the battery when you press the test button. What I'm going to do here is hook up some 12 volt power to it just so you can see the lights when we test or push the button. When you turn on our 12 volt power, and if I zoom in a little, you can see there's the yellow light right there that says charging, so it's in the process of charging the battery. If you pushed the test, you can see when you do that, the green light at the top comes on, says fully charged. So it gives you a good visual indication.

We'll just go ahead and zoom back out. Disconnect their power.Now this includes a one-amp charger, refuels the battery when it's plugged into your tow vehicle. I've mentioned it comes with the 12 volt five-amp-hour battery on the inside. If you notice on the wire leads, they have a nice wire loom on them to protect and contain the wires neatly. Now I did open this up, and the leads are about 22" long.

This is a side loading case. You can see when it's mounted, the case on the front that opens up, there's two screws, so it's a side load case, makes it easy to access from the side. Now the breakaway switch right here, this will install on your trailer's frame. Drilling is required. You can see the mounting bracket with the hole in it.

It just put a screw in there and attach to the trailer frame, and you run your wires to the trailer brake system, and then this braided cable will attach to your tow vehicle.Basically how it works, if by chance the trailer comes detached from your tow vehicle, it will pull this wire, which would remove the pin from the breakaway switch. That'll activate the switch to activate the brakes and stop your trailer. Now the wiring installation is on the lid of the battery box. Very easy to follow. The breakaway switch, basically the blue wire connects to the blue wire on your battery box. A black wire connects to the trailer brake wire from the trailer connector to the brakes, and I mentioned this connects to your tow vehicle.And then on the battery box you'll have three wires, blue, red and white. The Blue Wire, of course we mentioned we'll attach to the blue wire on the breakaway switch. The red wire will attach to a 12 volt hot lead from the trailer connector to your trailer, and the white wire goes to a good clean ground. Last thing I want to give you is just the dimensions on the battery box itself. The widest point I'm going to show you from the back, because that's the mounting point, stick out, so that'll be the widest point. It's right at 6" wide. Total depth front to back is going to be 3 3/4" deep, and the total height on the unit is right at 5" tall. But that should do it for the review on the Bright Way Push to Test Trailer Breakaway Kit.

Frank W.


What is the difference between one of these kits with charger and one without? If the charger functions when tow is hooked up to charge battery, how does a kit without the charger function. I have to assume the non charger unit must have a battery that is charged independently for it to work.

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


That's correct. Basically if you get a breakaway kit that doesn't have the built in charger then you'll need to get a seperate charger. We can see this scenario with the kit # 20005. You'll need either # 2024-07 or # 2025-09 to charge the battery.

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