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BoatBuckle Tie Down Straps - Trailer - IMF13114 Review

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Review of BoatBuckle Tie Down Straps IMF13114

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok Gunwale Tie-Down Strap.This gunwale tie-down strap is designed to help secure your boat to your trailer, so it simply keeps the rear of your boat securely in place on your boat trailer during transport. The strap itself is made from seatbelt quality polyester. It's very strong and durable, and as you can see, it's gray in color.This one contains a Kwik-Lok buckle. It's very easy to use and to operate. Now, when tension is applied to the strap, the buckle can easily be used with one hand. With the buckle in the closed position, which is what it's in now, it's fully secured, so it's not going to let the strap back feed, or it's not going to let the strap loosen.

You can see here, if I pull on the excess, I can still take out any slack that I may have, but as far as the hook loosening, it's not going to release. It's a nice design of the unit. It's very secure and easy to use. Then, the buckle can easily be moved to the open position, in which case you can operate the strap in either direction. But when you're ready to secure everything and head down the head, you take this, make sure it locks into place, and then everything's tight and secure, and you're ready to go.The S-hooks on the unit are made from durable steel and they feature and nice vinyl coating, so that's going to keep them safe from rust and corrosion, and it also prevents them from scratching your boat or anything else that they come into contact with.One of the things I really like about this strap is that on this end, this is our lead strap, it has a really nice long lead strap, so the buckle itself will be positioned towards the center of the boat, and not off to the side.This strap is available in four different lengths at, 10', 13', 16', and 20'.

It measures 2" wide. The maximum load or break strength is 1,200 pounds, and the safe working load limit is 400 pounds. Just always keep in mind that gunwale tie-downs should always be used along with a winch strap and a set of transom, stern, or bow tie-downs, and all straps and cables should be chosen according to their safe working load limit.When using this strap, it's really easy to do. You would fasten the hooks securely to the frame on both sides of the trailer. With the fastener in the open position, you pull on the free end of the strap until it's tight, and then you close the fastener, or close the buckle, to the lock position, and you're ready to go.For a 10' strap, you can find it at, with part number IMF13113.

13' strap is IMF13114. 16' strap is IMF13115. A 20' strap is IMF13116.That's going to do it for today's look at the BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok Gunwale Tie-Down Strap.

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