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Review of BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs IMF17634

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number IMF17634. This is the BoatBuckle Pro Series Kwik-Lok Gunwale Tie-Down Strap. This is a heavy duty strap that's going to firmly secure your boat's gunwale to your trailer. It's going to feature the SUR-Grip rubber-coated Kwik-Lok buckle. It's very easy to grip and control with the use of one hand. Now the material with this strap is made from a seatbelt-quality polyester webbing.

It's going to offer a maximum load strength or break strength of 1,200 pounds at the safe working load limit of 400 pounds. It's going to have the Hi-Vis protective pad here underneath the buckle. It's a little bit wider than the buckle. That's designed to protect the finish on your boat so that the buckle doesn't make any contact with the boat's finish. It's also going to feature the vinyl coated S-hooks that are also designed to protect the boat's paint finish. Here on each hook, you're going to have the built-in keepers. That's going to prevent the S-hooks from disconnecting.

It's going to have the built-in closure strap that's going to secure the excess strap. It's just a hook and loop fastener so whatever strap you don't use once you have it all tightened down, you can fold up, tuck it in here, and then close the hook and loop fastener over the top. On top of that fastener is the built-in Night Eyes technology. This is going to be a natural reflector so it's going to reflect light which is going to add to your safety at night. Now the strap dimensions is going to measure 2 inches wide by 10 feet in total length. Again, the break strength or maximum load strength is 1,200 pounds and the safe working load limit is a third of that, so that would be at 400 pounds.

With this part number, you're going to get one gunwale strap, very simple operation. All you need to do is load your boat on your trailer, open up the buckle and then connect the bottom hook to the side of your trailer's frame, connect the top hook to am anchor point on the gunwale of the boat, pull it into the strap, through the buckle portion, and then all you have to do is once you have that tightened down, turn the buckle down. You'll need to snap that buckle into a down or locked position and then secure the excess strap through the built-in hook and loop fastener. Another neat thing is once you have that excess strap in there, you can place the hook and loop fastener over the buckle to secure it in place. Please keep in mind, the gunwale tie-down should always be used along with a wind strap and a set of transom or stern or bow tie-downs. All straps and cables should be chosen according to their safe working load limit. That's going to do it for our review of part number IMF17634. This is the BoatBuckle Pro Series Kwik-Lok Gunwale Tie-Down Strap.


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