BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs - Boat Strap - IMF13132 Review

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Review of BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs Trailer Cargo Control IMF13132

Today, were going to review part number IMF13132. These are the BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok G2 Transom Tie-Down straps. These are heavy duty tie-down straps which will help firmly secure your boats transom to your trailer. They do have a unique design which will place the buckle hardware, right here, at trailer level which will keep it away from your boats finish and help protect your boat from any scuffs or scratches. Also, at the bottom, the hook will rotate 360 degrees which will make it easier to hook to the tie-down point and also keep the webbing from getting twisted. The hooks on each end are an ejection-molded plastic-coated steel hook, and they will not peel or crack under normal use.

The oversized contour handle, which is on the buckle, is simple to operate. It provides maximum over-the-center torque when pushing down to lock it. The strap has seat-belt-quality polyesther webbing material. The dimension on the strap will be 2 inches wide and it is 6 feet long. The strap does have a maximum load strength or breaking strength of 1,200 pounds each, and it has a safe working load limit which is one-third of that, would be 400 pounds.

This part number does come with a quantity of two transom straps, and it does have a one-year limited warranty. Basically, a quick way to show you how this would work is you would load your boat onto your trailer, and then open the buckle which will release the strap, and then connect the S-hook on this end to the tie-down point on your transom of your boat. And then, you would take this hook which rotates 360 degrees and attach it to the tie-down point onto your trailer frame. And then, you would basically pull the strap to tighten it down. Once you get your boat tightened down, you would just push down on this handle and that will actually lock the strap into place.

To release it, you just raise up on the handle. Thatll allow you to pull on the strap to release it. That should do it for part number IMF13132.

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