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Review of Blue Ox Weight Distribution Hitch - 3,500 lb Weight Distribution - BXW0350

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Blue Ox Weight Distribution Hitch - 3,500 lb Weight Distribution - BXW0350 Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution System with Sway Control. So if you're not familiar with what a weight distribution system does, when you're towing a trailer, if you don't have a weight distribution system, typically, all your trailer weight is gonna push down on your ball, so that's gonna cause your vehicle to sag and all that weight to be on that one point. By using a weight distribution system, it's going to apply pressure back to the trailer so that that pivot point or that point of connection can raise back up, and your weight is gonna be evenly distributed between all the axles on your vehicle and your trailer. So that is gonna have a lot of benefits for you. It's gonna give you a lot more control, stability.

It's also typically gonna increase your weight capacity because you're taking a little bit of weight off that ball so you can haul more, tow more. It's also going to provide enough tension in this case so that your trailer is going to line up properly. It's not going to allow it to sway back and forth. So it's gonna provide a lot of benefits for you. This system specifically is going to have a gross towing weight capacity of 3,500 pounds.

That is the trailer plus the load included. It's gonna have a max tongue weight, which is the downward pressure on your ball, of 350 pounds. So it is gonna do a good job of allowing you to tow your trailer, make sure everything is gonna ride properly so that you can get where you're going safely and while in control. So the way this works, you've got your shank here, this a two-inch-by-two-inch diameter or two-inch-by-two-inch shank that's going to slide right into your two-inch-by-two-inch trailer hitch receiver on your vehicle. You do wanna make sure that your hitch is rated for use with weight distribution systems.

Not all of them are, so be sure to check that. Then once you get this in place, your head here can be attached to the shank at several different height increments. So this is gonna be nice in ensuring that your head is properly lined up with your trailer. Any time you tow, it's very important that your trailer is gonna be riding level, so this gives you a lotta adjustment there. From the top of our shank down to our ball platform, which is about where our coupler is going to sit once we have our ball installed and our coupler on top, that is going to drop about two inches, so a little bit of adjustment there.

You can also flip the shank upside down from the orientation that we have it now, and then that will allow you to rise about eight inches. So, again, from the top of our shank here to the top of our ball platform, it's gonna be about eight inches. So you're gonna have a lotta adjustability there to make sure that everything is riding level. Our head itself is going to be very sturdy and durable. You can see it does not have a ball here. That is sold separately. You can use any-size ball that's gonna work with your trailer coupler. You are just gonna be limited by the diameter of your opening here. This is a 1 1/4-inch diameter opening. So if you've got a ball with a 1 1/4-inch diameter shank, that will work. It also include a reducer bushing here that will slide in so that you can use a one-inch diameter shank ball there if that's what you have. Either way will work great in providing that attachment point for your coupler. Now, unlike some of the other weight distribution systems out there, this already has the required tilt built into the head assembly. So, unlike some of the systems that you have to put washers, stack 'em for your adjustment, this is already built in so it's gonna be very easy to deal with. You're not gonna have to do any of those adjustments. And on the back side here, you can see we do have a built-in grease zerk on both of these arm attachment points. So that's gonna be extremely convenient to maintain. It's gonna make sure everything is nice and clean and that our joint is lubricated there for our arms. Our arms themselves can be detached. You just have to lift up on this tab here and pull out to disassemble. And then when you're ready to put them back in, just takes a little bit of a push, that will lock in place there. No springs or no clips or pins needed to get that attached. Very easy to do. Our arms themselves are these trunnion spring arms. So these are going to automatically lock in place. They're very easy to take out and put in. These are what actually helps to provide that pressure to make sure that our weight is gonna be distributed across our axles. These are actually interchangeable. So if you get a new trailer, you wanna use the same system, but there's a different weight capacity on the trailer, you can switch these out to increase or decrease the weight capacity of your system. So if you are wanting to switch it out, these are the pieces that are removable and exchangeable. These are going to flex as you're going down the road, provide that constant pressure for a nice even ride. And then these are going to attach to our lift brackets here. These are a unique rotating latch style that are going to connect our springs to our bars, so you can see these will just clamp right onto our bar. You do wanna make sure that your trailer frame is between three and six inches in order for these to work for you. They do include a couple different-sized bolts to get this mounted and secured in place. Just tighten that bolt down, and it will be nice and secure for you. These are gonna be positioned on your trailer frame about 29 inches back from your ball, so get those lined up. And then the way these operate is you'll rotate them. You'll take your chain. You'll need to measure out how far, how much of your chain needs to be taken up so that there's no slack. And then you'll pass one of the links into the bottom there. Make sure that it's caught. And then you'll rotate it. You can use the wrench. There's probably gonna be a lot of pressure, so you'll use that wrench there. Just put it on. Steer your nut and then rotate that until it clicks into place. That is going to automatically lock it in. So, again, you're not gonna need any pins and clips, have to worry about dealing with high-pressure systems like some of your other weight distribution systems. And that is gonna be locked in place to help provide that pressure on your trunnion bars. And then when you're ready to disengage, just simply rotate that lever, and that will disengage it so that you can rotate that back and take your chains off. So really nice system here. No pins and clips to worry about. It's all gonna be built in there. Once you get these installed, you can leave them on your trailer and then just put your chains in place any time you wanna hook up and then easily take them off again. This whole system is gonna have a very sturdy steel construction. It's got a powder-coat finish on it so it can resist rust and corrosion. It'll be very long-lasting for you. It is made here in the USA, so you can trust it's made to the high-quality standards that we've come to know and trust for products that are made here in the US. And it does come with a limited lifetime warranty, so if you we're to have problems with it, you're more than welcome to reach out to us. We always wanna make sure that our customers are having a good experience and getting good-quality products. I think you're gonna be very happy with this. I think it's gonna do a great job of helping to distribute that weight so that your ride is more comfortable, you feel more in control, that everything is gonna work out better for you. They do include instructions on how to put everything together, how to get it hooked up. So don't let that intimidate you. All that information is there. And we're always available as well to help answer any questions that you may have. That's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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