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Review of Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring - Tail Light Wiring Kit LED Bulb And Socket Assemblies - BX88267

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Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring - Tail Light Wiring Kit LED Bulb And Socket Assemblies - BX88267 Review

Hi, everybody. Andy here with And today, we're gonna take a look at this Blue Ox taillight wiring kit with integrated LED bulb and socket assemblies for your towed vehicle. This taillight kit gives you your brake, running, and turn signal lights for your towed vehicle without tapping into its wiring. It bypasses your towed vehicle's electrical system completely by routing this wiring beneath your towed vehicle and securing it with cable ties that are sold separately, making sure that you stay away from anything that's going to pinch the wiring or from any heat sources. This kit has an integrated LED bulb and socket design that installs inside of your taillight assembly.

The LED bulbs are smaller than traditional incandescent bulbs, giving you a better fit and a much simpler installation. As you can see, I have one of these bulb and socket assemblies hooked up to my power source here. So, let me go ahead and turn the power on and I just wanted to give you an idea of just how bright these are. So, with my studio lights on, you see how bright it is but let me go ahead and turn my lights off. And these red LEDs are going to last longer, burn brighter, and activate faster when compared to incandescent lights.

And the light output per bulb is 144 lumens. And so, right now, I'm simulating just the running lights. But let me go ahead and activate the brake signal. And so, you can see that's what it's going to look like when you hit your brake pedal. Then, of course, simulating the blinkers as well.

Let me go ahead and zoom out and then do that for you from that angle. So we got brakes, turn signal. And shine this on the wall behind me a little bit. So, that kind of gives you an idea of just how bright this is going to be. Now, the integrated bulb and socket assemblies are going to require only a 9/16 of an inch in diameter hole in your taillight housing for the installation.

You do wanna keep in mind that each taillight housing on your vehicle must have enough room for the extra bulb and socket assembly to fit. Also, you are going to need some silicone caulk, which is not included with this kit, to seal this socket to your taillight housing. You can find that caulk on the related products section of this product page. Now, this kit is made here in the USA. It includes everything that you see on my table here. You're going to, of course, get these two integrated red LED bulb and socket assemblies. You're gonna get the necessary wiring. You're gonna get a 26 foot long wiring harness, and then a 12 foot long brown and green wires, each, again, 12 feet long, two self-tapping screws, six butt connectors, and two ring terminals. And for one sheet of paper, you're gonna get a pretty detailed set of instructions to help you through the installation process. Now, I do wanna point out that your plug and extension loop for a hook up to your RV, they're sold separately. So, if you don't already have those, you can pick those up here at Well, that's gonna conclude our brief look today. I do hope that it was helpful for you. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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