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Review of Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring - Custom Fit Tow Bar Wiring Kit - BLU86XR

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Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring - Custom Fit Tow Bar Wiring Kit - BLU86XR Review

Hi, everybody. Andy here with and today we're gonna take a quick look at this blue ox towbar wiring kit. Now this wiring kit is going to allow you to connect your towed 2014 to 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokees lighting system to your RV so it can power your grand Cherokee's tail brake and turn signal lights while it is being flat towed. So this is a custom fit part and to make sure that this wiring is going to work for you take advantage of our vehicle fit guide and input the year, make and model of your vehicle. And our fit guide will let you know if this wiring will work for your vehicle. Now, the benefit of this kit is there's no cutting or splicing required.

It's gonna plug in directly to those factory connections on your Grand Cherokee, and it's easy to install. You would open your tailgate. You remove remove the vehicle's taillight assemblies from both the driver and the passenger side by removing the two clips, holding them into place. You wanna be careful not to break the alignment tabs and then disconnect the taillight housing from the vehicle. You would then mount the converter box on the a driver's side behind the taillight with double stick tape and then disconnect the vehicle's wiring harness from both taillights and then plug the wiring kit connector with this yellow wire into the mating connectors on the driver's side taillight socket and vehicle wiring harness.

And then once you have that plugged in you would then, starting on the driver's side of the vehicle, route the wiring kit connector with this green wire down through the opening between the vehicle frame and the body to the passenger side making sure to avoid the exhaust and areas that would cut or pinch the wire. So you would route this wiring kit connector with this green wire up through the opening on the passenger side, between the frame and the body. And then you would plug these connectors, again with this green wire into the mating connectors on the passenger side taillight socket and vehicle wiring harness. There's zip ties here that will allow you to secure the loose wiring behind the taillight assemblies. And then you would route this four flat harness out of the lower rear driver's side to the front of your vehicle.

And again, using these zip ties to secure this down your vehicle as you go, make sure to stay away from anything that can get hot or any moving parts as you're routing this to the front of your vehicle. And then you would reinstall the taillight housing assembly positioning the wire harness between the housing and the vehicle body. Again, securing the remainder of the wiring harness under the bumper or behind the taillight housing with these nylon zip ties. And again you wanna be careful to avoid any areas that would cut or pinch the wire. Then you would install the four flat end of the harness from, you know, coming from the rear of the vehicle into this four flat bracket.

And you would Mount the four flat bracket using the included screws at a convenient location at the front of your vehicle. You do wanna locate a suitable grounding point near the connector. You don't want to drill into the vehicle floor or the bed. You wanna make sure that it's clean from dirt and paint and rust and make sure it's just a nice clean surface that you can attach this to and just use this screw provided to secure the grounding wire terminal. Now, after you have this all installed you would connect this to your RV electrical system and test all the functions with the engine running to ensure proper operation. Just also does come with a dust cap to protect the ends of your four away connector. And also this does come with a little bit of terminal grease so that you can make, make sure you put this on your connectors to keep it free from moisture which can cause electrical failures due to corrosion from moisture. You do get a little bit of this included but if you need more we do have dielectric grease on our website. You can find that using item number 11755. Well, that's gonna conclude our look today. I do hope that it was helpful for you. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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