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Blazer Tow Bar Wiring - Bypasses Vehicle Wiring - C6304 Review

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Review of Blazer Tow Bar Wiring C6304

Today well be reviewing part number C6304. These are the Blazer Magnetic tail lights with the red LEDs. It connects with the 4-way flat connector and this wireless. What that means is that our transmitter is not connected to our lights with wires. It simply just sends out a wireless signal that activates the lights in a very, very quick response time. The removable tail lights are going to provide stop, tail and turn functions for trailer or your towed car so that eliminates the need to wire your wire your trailer to tap into the wiring on your towed car.Here, we have the wireless transmitter thats going to eliminate the hassle of running cords to the lights every time you need to tow.

The 4-pole flat trailer connector on your RV or two vehicle mounts to the frame using this simple magnet here. That simply just plugs in with the 4-pole flat. Its going to emit a signal that triggers tail lights from to up to 65 feet away and it operates on the standard 12-volt system. Here on the base of the lights, we have the heavy duty non-scratch magnets thats going to provide a secure grip without damaging your paint. The lights are also featuring a long lasting LED system.

These are more efficient. Theyre faster acting and theyre brighter than your regular incandescent lights.Another neat feature is that these are sonically sealed to help eliminate any moisture from getting in there and ultimately, its going to prevent corrosion. The bases are made from a durable polycarbonate material and down here is where our batteries are going to be stored. The system does require 8 AA batteries, 4 per light. Those are not included, but just right here you can see I already have mine installed.

I'm going to show you how the system works here in a minute. When your battery signal gets low, here on the drivers side light by the on and off switch, theres going to be a flashing LED thats going to indicate a low battery. These lights are Department of Transportation compliant.Well go over a few quick measurements real quick. The lights are going to give us a diameter of 4 inches and both lights are identical. The base is going to give us a measurement of 4-3/4 of an inch by 3-3/4 and the overall height is going to measure 7-1/4 of an inch.

The wireless transmitter, here on the back side, the magnet has a diameter of, right at 2 inches so thats the amount of space that that needs to connect. The diameter of the magnet here on the lights is going to measure 3 inches. Now this is designed for towed cars or trailers no wider than 80 inches. The length between the lights when it comes to our wire, we have 106 inches of wire to work with.The transmitter wire length is going to measure 76 inches. Well go ahead and plug this in and show you how it operates. Were seeing to be sure that we have our lights on. You can see there that theyre glowing and then if we hit our power, theyre going to brighten up so you can just get an idea of how bright these are and how well theyre going to work. Theyre going to be extremely visible on the back of the vehicle thats being towed. Thats going to do it for todays look at part number C6304. These are the Blazer Magnetic tail lights connecting with the 4-way flat connector and this is a wireless system when it comes to connecting the transmitter and the lights. .

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