Blaylock Industries Trailer Coupler Locks - Surround Lock - BLTL-23 Review

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Review of Blaylock Industries Locks BLTL-23

Today were going to review part number BLTL-23. This is the Blaylock Total Encasement Trailer Coupler Lock and this fits 2-5/16 Bulldog Collar-Lok Couplers. This coupler lock will prevent theft of your trailer. It has a heavy duty shell that just fully encloses your Bulldog Collar-Lok Style Coupler. It has a highly visible lock which is daunting to would be thieves. It is a simple installation.

Theres no drilling required. Basically you have your lock here, it comes with two keys. Basically if you just open it, this pin will drop down. Its an integrated 5/8-inch diameter steel pin. Basically what that does is when you put the coupler in here this pin will slide up and into the hitch ball recess of the coupler.

Then when you just push your lock in, that will lock that pin into place which will secure the unit to the trailer coupler. Again, the lock has two keys which are included. This part is built of an aircraft aluminum construction. It is strong and resists wear and corrosion. The trailer coupler is safeguarded from the elements and from damage caused by impact.

This part is made in the USA. Again, this lock will fit most trailers with 2-5/16 Bulldog Collar-Lok Style Couplers. Just to give you an idea of the Bulldog Collar-Lok Style Couplers, I have one here for an example. This is one here and when they mean Collar-Lok basically what that means is it has collar here which is spring loaded, it will lock over your hitch ball. Basically if you pull up on this latch and if you watch the Collar-Lok will open up.

Theres a spring in here that will pop open that will go over the hitch ball. Thats whats defined as the Collar-Lok. If you push it back in and then release it, it locks it over the hitch ball. Basically, how this would work, I want to show you how this lock would go on to--angle it up here so we get the lock on it. Basically this would be the coupler that would be on your trailer, so what you want to do is go ahead and unlock it which will allow that pin to drop down. It will allow it go over. If you just push up on that pin, and then push it on the lock like that, that pin will be up in the recess of the coupler. That will keep this whole shell over the trailer coupler which will prevent anybody from hooking it onto their hitch ball and towing it away. This Blaylock has a Total Encasement Lock which will render your trailers coupler inoperable. As I said, you just simply slide it over the lock of your coupler. Push the pin up and your coupler is now surrounded. The pin cannot be accessed while the unit is locked, as you could see underneath there. I do want to give you a few dimensions on this. Well go ahead and remove it. The overall height on this will be 5 inches tall, width will be 4 inches by 4 inches. That should do it for review on part number BLTL-23.

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