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Blaylock Industries Wheel Locks - Trailer Wheel Lock - BLEZ-302 Review

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Review of Blaylock Industries Locks BLEZ-302

Today, we're going to review part number BLEZ-302. This is the Blaylock EZ Trailer Wheel Lock. This lock will allow you to enjoy peace of mind when leaving your trailer unattended. They're lightweight yet durable. This lock is easy to use. It prevents theft of your trailer by temporarily disabling a wheel.

It also comes with two unique cone style lug nut locks which you can use on trailer wheel itself, which also in keeping it from being stolen. This heavy duty lock will prevent theft to your trailer by disabling one wheel. As you can see here, it's already hooked up. It has a recess location right here where the lock is. It makes it difficult for would-be thieves to manipulate the lock.

It has an adjustable claw which will clamp around your tire and then secure it in place with the recess lock. Again, these cone style lug nuts will mount permanently to the wheel to prevent removal. They cannot be removed with a standard lug wrench. You would have to use this key which fits the design of that lug nut itself, and the key does have a separate number. This is an aircraft grade lightweight aluminum construction which is strong and resists wear and corrosion.

The claw does have sturdy plastic covers on the claws to protect your rim against scuffs and scratches. The lock does come with two keys and they can be key to match your other Blaylock coupler locks that require this type of lock design. This part is made in the USA and it does fit most large 15 to 20-inch wheels. I just want to show you. I removed the cover cap and put your key in, and then you just turn it like you're loosening a screw.

Then as you turn it, it will come off and you pull this part out, then you'll be able to open the actual claw itself. Again, this lock will prevent theft by disabling one of its wheels. You just simply spread the claw around the trailer tire and then you close it so that it grips the wheel and tire. Again, this plastic coating will protect your wheel, and then you just find that there is actually a handle if you look here. It will have four different mounting holes. The way it will fit different sizes as you close it that a hole will line up to the side you'll need to use. This will allow you to adjust the lock to fit anywhere from 15 to 20-inch wheels. Basically, if you just put it around your clamp at around your wheel like we do right here, then you'll see it lines up with the middle one and just put the lock on it. Here we go and then just twist this until it tightens up. Then there it is once it's tightened and just pull the key back out. Put that on and that won't open up and keep the tire from moving. That should do it for review on part number BLEZ-302.

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