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Blaylock Industries Enclosed Trailer Parts - Doors - BLDL-80 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Blaylock Push Button Aluminum Door Lock for enclosed trailers. Now this is a nice heavy duty lock that'll prevent theft of the contents of your enclosed trailer. The trailer's door latch or the lock rod handle cannot be moved while this unit is locked and you can see it's a nice highly visible lock, so it is daunting to any would-be thieves. It's fully-enclosed, completely encases the entire latch assembly when it's installed, so it eliminates access to the latch keeper boltheads and the padlock hole.Installation on this, basically you just take this pin out, place this whole unit over the trailer's lock rod handle with the handle keeper in the closed position. Then what you'll do is take this pin, it's a hardened steel pin, drop it down through the keeper holes just like that, and then push in on the lock and that'll secure the unit. They won't be able to remove the pin, it'll lock the handle in place.The pull pin ring makes it very easy to install and remove the lock.

The ring is designed to break if someone tries to remove it with a crow bar. The ring is also nice because when you're not using it you can use it as a hook to hang up the lock when it's not in use. The push button lock here, let me just go ahead and unlock with the key, just turn it a quarter of a turn, and that'll unlock it and you can pull the pin out, take it off the handle.Again, it's a push button lock, secures the unit to the door handle. It's located on the front, makes it easy access and it uses a recess tumbler to add extra security. Two keys are included.

It does use an aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum construction, which makes it very strong, resist wear and corrosion. If you notice on the back here, this inner gasket provides a nice water-tight non-marking seal and prevents scratches and helps minimize noise caused by vibration.These parts are made in the USA. Now on this part, they do also offer a keyed alike option. If you go to our product page of this, right up at the top you'll see a spot where you can offer keyed alike to order multiples of this lock keyed alike, or the key the same as other push button-style Blaylock locks you might have. Again, the application for this is most single and double trailer doors with vertical or horizontal lock rod handles.Weight on this is only about one-and-a-half pounds.

Overall dimension at the widest point, width wise is going to be two-and-three-quarter inches. Total height . actually we'll go ahead and put the pin in and we'll measure it all the way to the top of the pin itself. So bottom to the very top is right at seven inches tall and the total depth on it is going to be right at three inches deep.But again, just to show you how this operates, you take your pin out, put this section right over your handle, and then go ahead and take your pin, drop it right through there, and then drop it through the keeper holes in your handle and the hasp. Then once it's all installed, all you have to do is just push that down and you're locked, ready to go.

Then when you want to remove it, just take your key, stick it in there, turn it a quarter of turn and that'll unlock and you can remove it.But that should do it for the review on the Blaylock Push Button Aluminum Door Lock for enclosed trailers.

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