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Bestop Vehicle Organizer - Jeep Storage - B4264101 Review

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Review of Bestop Vehicle Organizer B4264101

Today we're going to be reviewing part number B4264101. This is the Bestop under seat locking storage box. It is going to be a custom fit for 1997 to 2006 Jeep TJs and Jeep Wranglers. If you want to permanently install this, it's going to use the mounting bracket, which I went ahead and installed. That's going to mount with the seat bracket bolts. You need to install the foot here on the backside, on the underside of the box as well.

It does come with all the hardware that's necessary to get those 2 pieces installed onto the bottom of the box. Again, this is designed for 1997 to 2006 Jeep TJs and Jeep Wranglers, or you can choose another installation option, which is going to be the universal installation. Using the locking cable lock, all you have to do is loop this around a secure point inside of your vehicle, place the lock portion into this side of the box. I'll show you that here in a minute. Then, simply move it to lock position and it's going to be nice and secure. It does have 2 installation options: permanent installation or universal.

You can move this around when using the cable lock system. The box itself is going to be made from a tough 16-gauge welded steel construction. It's going to do a good job of protecting your valuables. With the permanent installation option, it's designed to install under the driver's seat of your vehicle, where it remains out of sight. It's got a nice lock mechanism on it, so it's designed to resist tampering and help prevent theft. It's going to have a heavy-duty plated drawer that's going to permit easy access to the storage space.

It's going to be coated with a nice black powder coat finish, so it's going to stand up really well against any type of exposure to any other elements. It's not going to rust or corrode. It's going to come with 2 keys for the actual box. Really simple process: you just place the key in, twist it, and then pull it out. You can see that here in the drawer, it's got a nice padded flooring to it, so that way it's going to protect any of your items. Let's say you want to put your cell phone face-down, it's not going to damage or scratch the screen in any way, so that's a nice little feature to have. The internal dimensions of the drawer here, that's going to give us a length of 11 inches long at the longest point.

If we measure from the back of the lock box to the back of the drawer here, that's going to measure 9 and 3/4s of an inch. The overall width, inside edge to inside edge, is going to measure 6 and 3/4s of an inch. The height, which is just the amount of storage height that you're going to have, is going to measure 2 and 1/8th of an inch. Nice, simple, and smooth tracking system to allow the drawer to slide in and out very easily. Again, that lock mechanism is going to come with 2 keys. They are a unique design, so it's going to be pick-resistant as well. This is a no-drill installation, it just simply attaches with the existing seat-riser bolts in your vehicle. Again, for the permanent installation, you would use the mounting bracket in conjunction with the foot that mounts on the rear of the box. Back here, that's just designed to match the grooves in the floor line of the vehicle. For our universal application, you can use this cable lock mechanism. I do want to show you how that operates. The cable lock mechanism is going to come with 2 keys as well. Once you have the cable looped around a secure point in your vehicle, you take the lock portion, thread it through that loop, then you just bring the lock back to the slot here at the back of the box, push it all the way in, and then move it to a locked position. That's going to secure the cable to the box, and then your cable will be secured to that security point in your vehicle. When it comes to the exterior dimensions, that's going to give us an overall width of 8 and a half inches, an overall length of 12 inches, and then an overall height measuring just from the bottom of the box. With that mounting bracket on there, you can see how it kind of sits at an incline, but from the bottom of the box to the top of the box is going to measure right at 3 inches. That should do it for today's review of part number B4264101. This is the Bestop under seat locking storage box. .

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