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Review of Bauer Products RV Locks - Propane Tank PadLock - BA76VR

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Bauer Products RV Locks - Propane Tank PadLock - BA76VR Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the Bauer Products Padlock. This is going to be a great option to help secure your LP gas tanks or your battery boxes or any of your other gear from would be thieves. This does have a quarter inch diameter steel shackle that's going to resist corrosion and is very difficult to cut, so it should be very difficult for anyone to try and break this lock and get away with your gear. This does also have a hardened steel lock body with a chrome plating, so it is also going to be very durable and crush resistant.

On the bottom side here, you can see we do have this protective casing that extends past our lock cylinder, so that lock cylinder is going to be a bit recessed in there to help keep dirt and debris clear of our lock cylinder, so that will stay easy to open.We are going to get two keys to open this. Very easy usability. Close it in. As far as our opening here, I'm going to say it is just a hair shy of an inch and a quarter of an inch opening there. Make sure that that's going to work for your application.

Now, one thing I will note is that this can be keyed alike to match the 300, 700 or 900 series Bauer Products locks. And so, if you are interested in several different locks or having multiple of this same lock, you can get it so that the keys will all match. Very easy to do on our website, just select the keyed alike in the dropdown menu and then on the product page, and then you will be able to have all of the locks that you order all with the same matching key so that you don't have to worry about keeping track of different sets of keys. They will all work on any of your locks that you're using.If you are looking for a very simple way of helping to secure your propane tanks or battery boxes or anything like that for your RV or camper set up, this is going to be a great lock for you. That's going to complete our look for today.

Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching.