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Review of Baron and Baron License Plates HDLF37-U

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number HDLF37-U. This is the Harley Davidson license plate frame from Baron & Baron license plates. Your going to have the Harley Davidson in cursive lettering along the top part of the frame. That's going to be a rotary engrave design filled with black coloring. The frame is going to be chrome plated over a solid brass construction. It's going to come with four chrome screw caps.

So it's going to add a nice finished look once its installed. There's the back side. You can see that chrome plating goes all the way around. Again, underneath the chrome it's going to be solid brass. overall dimensions, going this direction we're looking at about 12 1/4". Going this direction we're looking at about 6 1/4".

The mounting holes, going in this direction, are going to be separated apart from one another on center by 4 3/4". Then going this direction there going to be separated on center by 7". Mounting hardware is not included so you can use your existing hardware. This is an officially licensed product. The license plate frame does meet top and bottom decal readability requirements of all fifty states and all state standards for state name readability except for the state of Texas.

That's going to do it for our review of part number HDLF37-U.

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