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Review of Baron and Baron Hitch Covers HDHCM02-K

Today we're going to take a look at the Harley Davidson chrome script on the black hitch cover with the stainless steel shank. This is the 5th one in a quadrant of hitches. You see it has a nice, officially licensed Harley Davidson hitch cover, slides into your hitch receiver, helps keep out any dirt and prevent any rust. You notice it has the nice chrome plated logo that appears in the raised cursive letters on the nice oval surface. The surface it's on is a black, powder coated face plate that will compliment your vehicle and it won't rust or corrode. The shank of the very back you can see is a stainless steel shank. It has the multiple pin holes depending on the location on your hitch.

Comes with everything shown here. Comes with the 3 foam gaskets in different thicknesses that you'll put on there, and the different thicknesses will help you eliminate rattle and helps with pin hole alignment. Also, nice feature, it comes with the stainless steel locking hitch bolt. Once you slide this onto your hitch receiver, instead of putting a normal pin and clip through, what you can do is take this and run this through one side and go through the hitch, up through the other side and then put your washer on there. Then just put it on there and tighten it down. What's nice about it, it is a locking bolt because as you tighten it down it gives you 2.

You can see it's a triangular opening, so you put one on one side, take this and put this on the other side and then just go ahead and tighten them. Once you get them tightened then with that triangular design no one can really get to it, loosen it up and try to remove it. That's a nice safety lock feature they have on this. Go ahead and take that back off. Now the specs again on this. It is designed to fit 1 and quarter inch by 1 and a quarter inch trailer hitch receivers and last thing I want to give you a dimension on this so you know the size of this. The overall width, from edge to edge, probably right around 7 and a half inches wide and the overall height from bottom to the top it's going to be right at 2 and a quarter inches tall. That should do it for the review on the Harley Davidson chrome script on the black hitch cover with the stainless steel shank for 1 and a quarter inch hitches..

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