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Review of Baron and Baron Hitch Covers HDHC216

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number HDHC216, this is the Harley-Davidson two inch trailer hitch receiver cover. This is an officially licensed Harley-Davidson product. We're going to have the skull theme, so that's going to give your vehicle that intimidating look. Hitch covers not only add a lot of style to the vehicle, but the also keep dirt and grim out of the receiver tube of your hitch, which is going to help prevent rust and corrosion. They're going to add a nice clean finished look to the vehicle. This hitch cover is going to have the number one cut out, and then it's going to have the engraved epoxy filled skull design and Harley-Davidson script. That's going to prevent fading and chipping.

The front face here is a chrome plated brass construction. It's going to do a good job at resisting rust and corrosion. The piece back here that slides into the hitch, this is made from stainless steal. That's going to be highly resistant towards rust, so it's got the rust proof design. It's going to come with some different pieces. You're going to get three foam gaskets.

That's going to really reduce and in some cases fully prevent or eliminate rattle. Those are going to sit between the back of the front plate and the receiver opening of your hitch. You can use one, two, or you can use all three. They're going to be different sizes, so you can just use a combination of the gaskets to best fit your application. You're going to get a locking tool.

This is going to lock the hitch cover to the hitch and you're going to get the necessary tools to get that tightened down all the way. This is designed for two inch by two inch trailer hitch receivers. If we take a measurement here at the front face it's going to give us an overall width measurement. From this point here to this point here, about four and one quarter of an inch. Overall height measurement is going to give us of about five and three quarters of an inch. The distance that we have from the back of that front plate to the center of the first hitch pinhole is going to be about one and fifteen sixteenths of an inch, to the center of the rear ones are going to be about two and fifteen sixteenths of an inch.

The two pinholes are going to be separated apart from one another by about an inch. You can choose whatever one works best for your particular application. We're going to go and get ready to install it in a hitch. To do so I'm just going to go ahead and place on the foam gaskets. I'm going to go ahead and start out by installing all three, and then I can remove if needed. We'll go ahead and get those on there, take our hitch, I'm going to take the cover and slide it into the receiver tube until we get our pinholes to line up. It actually looks like I don't need to remove any. You can see there it's going to create that nice tight seal which is going to reduce rattle as we travel. I'm going to take the locking bolt set, place it through our pinholes, and then the two pieces are going to thread together. Then I can use the included tools to go ahead and tighten that down all the way. That's going to do it for today's look at part number HDHC216.

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