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Review of Baron and Baron Hitch Covers HDHC14

Today, we'll be reviewing part number HDHC14. This is the Harley Davidson Motorcycles black logo trailer hitch cover for 2S trailer hitches. It's made by Baron and Baron Hitch Covers. It's going to feature the Harley Davidson Motorcycles logo, also going to feature a nice chrome plated brass cover with the stainless steel post that's designed to help stand up well against rust and corrosion. The unique feature about this system is it uses a pick resistant triangular style tool to secure this in the hitch and to uninstall it from the hitch. So, I'll show you how that operates here in a minute. It's also going to come with 3 dye cut foam pieces. These get added to the back portion here of the hitch cover, and that's designed to help provide better pin hole alignment. You can see there you've got 2 options. The diameter of those holes are going to measure 5/8 of an inch, and so you can add these foam blocks up to the back here, and they're going to create contact with the front face of the hitch and that's going to provide some cushion, taking out any rattle or wobble that you may have from the hitch cover. This is officially licensed.

It's designed to fit 2 inch by 2 inch trailer hitch receivers, and if we take a measurement of the front face, it's going to give us a measurement of 5 and 1/8 of an inch by 4 inches. I'm going to go ahead and show you how it installs. Before we do that, I'm simply just going to add a couple foam pieces to the hitch cover, so you can add multiple or you can add 1, or I guess really you don't even have to add any. It's just whatever is best going to suit your application. So, now we're going to show you how it installs. All we got to do is slide it into the receiver tube of our hitch until we get our pin holes to line up with one another. Then, we'll take the included pin, using that triangular shaped design and we're going to put that through, and we'll try to thread them back together. It's going to come with two tools.

You're going to put one on each side, and then you're just going to tighten it up. That's gonna secure it all the way inside of our hitch. You can see how those foam spacers are gonna create a filler for the gap here, providing some cushion, take out any rattle or wobble that we may have. That's gonna do it for our review of part number HDHC14. This is the Harley Davidson Motorcycles black logo from Baron and Baron Hitch Covers. .

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