B and W Trailer Coupler BWGNXA4025 Review

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Review of B and W Trailer Coupler BWGNXA4025

Today were going to review part number BWGNXA4025. This part here is the B&W turnover ball adapter for trailers with inverted gooseneck hitches. This adapter is able to convert your standard B&W turnover gooseneck hitch.I have an example here Im going to demonstrate it on, right here. We do sell these separately, and itll adapt it to an inverted ball hitch. In other words, itll allow you to tow your trailer with an inverted gooseneck hitch. On a normal gooseneck hitch, your ball would go in here and your coupler would hook onto it to tow, but on some hitches, theyll have an the ball actually on the trailer itself would be an inverted ball like that, and itd be made to go into here.

So thats what this adapter will allow you to do. The square base on this, you can see, will prevent this accessory from turning in your hitch during hookup. It is a very heavy-duty steel, with a powder coat finish to help resist corrosion.Im just going to step back here and show you how this would work. So, basically here I have an example of a B&W turnover ball gooseneck hitch, and as I was mentioned, the normal way on a gooseneck hitch, you would just drop the gooseneck ball in, turn the handle, lock it into place, hook your coupler up on the trailer and pull your gooseneck.Now, on some trailers, this ball would actually be on the trailer itself, so what you want to do in that situation, is get this adapter, and its the square base with the holes in it, so basically youll drop it into the square opening. Just like that.

Turn the, twist the handle. That would lock it into place, and then your gooseneck ball which would be inverted, like this on the trailer, would go right in here.Basically what you would do let me just pull this pin. Slide this pin out and then when you hook up the ball, its a 2-5/16 size gooseneck ball, well drop into place. Then to keep it into place, just put the pin right through it, hook it up, and there, you can see, keeps the ball from being removed. Then when youre done towing, just pull your pin out and the inverted ball would come right out.That should do it.

Im going to pull it out here again to show you. On this part right there. That would do it as the review on part number BWGNXA4025. This is the B&W turnover ball adapter for trailers with inverted gooseneck hitches. .

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