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Review of B and W Fifth Wheel Installation Kit - Custom - BWGNRK1020-5W

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B and W Fifth Wheel Installation Kit - Custom - BWGNRK1020-5W Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the custom underbed installation kit for the B&W companion fifth wheel trailer hitch. Now this is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 short bed and long bed trucks without the OEM prep package, and on a custom fit part like this, I always like to recommend for you to go to our website, use the fit guide, put in your year model vehicle, and it'll show if this'll work for your application.Now, this kit will let you install a B&W companion fifth wheel trailer hitch to your truck. That companion hitch comes as either a fixed hitch part number B-W-R-V-K-3-5-0-0, or a slider hitch part number B-W-R-V-K-3-4-0-0, and both of those companion hitches, we do sell separately on our website.But basically the companion hitch, it's a heavy duty fifth wheel trailer hitch that will install into this installation kit, by inserting the square post on the fifth wheel hitch into this ball hole on this mounting kit. The single hole right here in the center of the bed is the mounting point for the hitch. You'll install that companion fifth wheel hitch in the ball hole, and then you lock the post in place using this built-in handle.

Just twist it and the pin will slide across and lock it into place. The pin on this as a five-eighths inch thick spring loaded steel locking pin, that'll go all the way through the center post and secure it in place. Now this handle for that pin is accessible on the rear driver's side wheel well. Now you can remove the fifth wheel, if you just pull out on this twist it, remove the companion fifth wheel when you're done towing, and then the under bed design of this kit allows for full truck bed access.What's also nice is better than a traditional mounting kit. This up can double as a heavy duty turnover ball gooseneck trailer hitch.

They do include this two and five-sixteenths stamina gooseneck hitch ball that you could use. Drop that into the opening, lock it, and now you're ready to tow a gooseneck trailer. And then again, same way to remove it, just open it, twist it, and remove it. And you can even store the gooseneck upside down by dropping it in place. Has a little handle on it and you can lock it and still have the full truck bed access.Now, one thing I do want to mention is when you install this kit, the placement of the center portion of the kit will be determined by which truck you're going to install this on, either a long bed, or a short bed.

So if it's an eight foot long bed truck, which like we put together, the way we've got it assembled is to fit an eight foot long bed truck. The bed cross member cutout, which is this portion here on the center portion, will be determined by which truck you're going to put it on. So on the eight foot bed, this cutout here will be towards the back of the truck. So the cabs up here, this is the back of the truck. So then this handle will be on the driver's side, but basically what you want to do...

Let me rotate this to show you what we're talking about.On this center portion, you see this cutout here, this is to the cross-member that's on the bed. So with it installed like this toward the back, this will fit the eight foot long bed. If it's a six and a half foot short bed truck, what you have to do is unbolt the center portion, turn it around to where this cutout will be towards the front of the truck. And then you'll just unbolt these two bolts here, remove your handle, and then when you turn that around, just insert it back in on this side and your handle stay on the driver's side. So then what you'll do is. What that does is move the ball that way and makes it clear the bed cross-member that's on the short end truck. That's in a different location. Now this does use the spring loaded safety chain hookups they are built in.You can see they're right here, and this kit does install easily using existing holes in your vehicle's frame. There's no welding or frame drilling required. The truck bed does not have to be removed. You do need to drill a four inch diameter hole to access this ball hole, and then four eleven-sixteenths diameter holes for the safety chain U-bolts. It does include all the mounting hardware and even a nice set of detailed instructions. These parts are powder coated steel. They're very sturdy and corrosion resistant. They are made in the USA and the specs, when used as a gooseneck, the gross towing weight capacity is 30,000 pound vertical load limit would be 7,500 pounds. But that should do it for the review on the custom underbed installation kit for the B&W companion fifth wheel trailer hitch.

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