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B and W Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel For GM Prep Package - BWRVK3710 Review

Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at And today we're taking a look at the B&W companion OEM Fifth Wheel Hitch for the Chevy and GMC towing prep package. And this is going to be a fit for the 2020 GM at prep package. So that's going to fit the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra, and that's going to be for the 2,500 and the 3,500 for the long bed. So this is designed to fit those longer bed trucks, eight foot beds.

Since it is a fixed design, they will be coming out with a slider version of the same thing for the six and a half foot beds, or the shorter beds. So definitely check for that if you need that for your short bed truck. But basically the things that we're going to go over today are the main features of our B&W companion.The biggest thing is that it does fit into our prep package. So the nice thing about having your prep package is that you can drop in your fifth wheel hitch and then take it back out whenever you don't need it and you still have full access to your bed without having the rails in the way. You also don't have to worry about making any modifications to get those rails in place in the first place, so it gives you the best of both worlds.

You get your truck bed when you need it, and you get a fifth wheel hitch when you want to tow with a fifth wheel. The thing that's unique about B&W is that they have just a really nice, well-made product. You can see our jaws here that are going to hold the kingpin. They're going to be a nice thick inch of material, and those are going to make contact all the way around our kingpin.So if I tilt that forward, you might be a little bit better to see how it's a complete circle going around our kingpin there. I'm going to pull our safety pin so you can get a look at that, but that's typically going to be a thicker jaw than most of your fifth wheels out there, so it holds really nicely and securely.

So put that in there. This is just kind of a mimic what a kingpin will look like. And then it's really solid inside the hitch. There's really not a lot of wiggle room at all. So you don't have to worry about any chucking back and forth, no transfer of movement from your trailer, into your truck, kind of causing that jarring, especially as you go to take off with your trailer or come to a stop.

So big advantage there, that nice point of contact with our kingpin.The other nice thing about this is that it does articulate both front and back, so you might've seen, but it also moves side to side. So this is a little bit more subtle, but our head does move side to side, so that makes hooking up a lot easier. You don't worry about being on perfectly level ground. It will accept that kingpin, even if you're a little bit off. It also helps to keep everything level as you're going down the road. So again, just helps to make everything more secure. Now one thing you can add to this if you want is a padlock to secure this arm so that no one can take your fifth wheel trailer. So if you replace this safety pin with a padlock, you just want to get one that has a shackle that's going to be three eights of an inch in diameter and about an inch and a quarter long, at least, maybe two inches so you're able to get that through that arm.But basically that just keeps your trailer secured to your hitch just so that no one can disconnect them. If you also want to replace one of these locking pins on your prep package, you can do that as well. You just need something with a shackle bolt diameter of a quarter inch, and about at least an inch long, if not maybe an inch and a half to replace one of those to also lock that. So that way you'll have your trailer locked to your hitch, your hitch lock to your truck, nobody's taking any of your stuff. The other features for this, it's just a really nice, well-made, well-designed hitch. As you can see, all the wells along here are really cleanly done. There is no over splatter. The powder coat is just really nice and the overall fit and finish of B&W products is just really good.Everything that I've ever worked with with B&W, it's just like, "Man, it just works so nicely." And that a lot of our customers will say the same thing, like, "I've towed with all these other brands before and this one just works well. I didn't know how good a fifth wheel hitch could be until I had my B&W." And it just goes in solid. It's nice beefy hitch. It should give you years of service. You can actually do some maintenance with the head of the fifth wheel hitch. You could actually take this off. If we take out the pin and clips and then lift up on this lever here, do the same on the other side, you can remove the head and then there's a greaser underneath so that you can lubricate that pivoting point to make sure that it stays operational for a long time. And the other advantage of being able to remove that head separately of the base is that it makes it a little bit lighter when you go to take this out of your truck.So the head just by itself weighs about 64 and a half pounds. The base is going to be about a hundred pounds on its own, so still pretty heavy, but makes it a little bit easier to maneuver when you can separate the two. If you're trying to do it all at once, you probably want to get an extra set of hands. Customers again, like I said, they have great things to say about this. Definitely an improvement over other brands. It also is pretty quiet whenever you're towing. It doesn't do any creaking or squeaking as you're going down the road, especially, if you keep it nice and lubricated. It's not a bad idea along with those locks if you wanted to grab some lithium grease, maybe a lube plate to go on the top, to just keep everything flowing nice and easy. Not a bad idea to grease up the pivot points as well, to make sure that those are working as well to make it a little bit easier to take that in and out of your truck.Now, as far as the specs, some numbers to throw at you, this is going to have a gross towing weight of 20,000 pounds and a tongue weight of 5,000 pounds. The hitch height is anywhere between 16 and three quarters to 18 and three quarters. And we can also make an adjustment front to back. So when one position would be right over the axle, the other would be taking it a little bit further from the cab, and we can adjust that back two inches. So you have two points that you can adjust the distance horizontally and then three points of adjustment vertically. With those weight capacities, though, you do want to make sure that you're not exceeding your weight capacity for your truck. You want to get everything loaded up in your trailer and weigh it and make sure that nothing's exceeding any of the capacities there.So definitely be careful with all your gear, all your passengers and everything before you make any decisions. If you do decide that you need a little bit stronger hitch, something with a little higher weight capacity, there's also another version of this that's just a little bit higher. That's going to have a gross towing weight of 25,000 pounds and tongue weight of 6,250 pounds. That part number is BWRVK 3715. And you can also find that here at So basically this is going to be a great hitch, give you years of service and just be really easy to use as you're going down the road with your fifth wheel. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty and made in the USA. And that's going to do it for our look at the B&W companion OEM Fifth Wheel Hitch for the Chevy and GMC towing prep package.

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