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B and W Ball Mounts - Adjustable Ball Mount - BWTS20037B Review

Ellen: Hey everyone, I'm Ellen here at and today we're taking a quick look at the B&W Tow and Stow Two Ball Mount. Now this is going to be an adjustable ball mount, so that you can make sure that you have the proper drop or rise for your truck and trailer, for your towing vehicle and your trailer.The reason why it's important to have that drop or rise is so that you can get everything leveled out between your towing vehicle and your trailer. That's going to eliminate a lot of common towing issues. Things like porpoising, chucking and moving on the road. And also, putting too much weight on, or not having the right height can also make your ride a little bit uncomfortable cause it's either pushing down or pulling up on that towing ball. So by having everything leveled out, it's going to help to alleviate those issues.Now, it also helps to have your trailer loaded properly so that you don't have too much tongue weight coming on the tongue or pushing down on the ball.

So you always want to be careful whenever you're loading everything down to get everything as balanced as you can across the axle, so that you don't have too much weight getting pushed down onto your ball mount.But anyway, the important thing is that our B&W is going to be adjustable so we can get that proper drop or rise for our trailer and also be able to switch out between different trailers. So if you have one that has a two and five sixteenth inch coupler, you'll be able to hook up with that.But then if you need to switch to your other trailer that has a two inch ball, we can just pull this clip, pull the pin, and then swivel that around. Now you're ready to tow with, or replace the pin and clip and then you'd be ready to tow with that.To make a height adjustment, it's just about as easy. Just pull that clip for both the pins and then pull out the pins. It's not a bad idea to keep a hand on the ball here so that it doesn't just drop on you, because it will once you pull out that second pin.

So get that leveled out wherever you need it to be.Maybe about there, just one slot down. Get your pin lined up and the other one. You want to make sure that you're going into the two holes, that everything's lined up between those two. You're not just replacing one pin. That way it gets a proper safe hold for everything.

Replace your clips and then you're ready to go.The other nice thing with this is that we can adjust it for a drop as you see it here. My adjustment platform's going down, so this is in the drop position. But if we want to do the same thing for a rise set up, you just flip it over. Of course, you'd have your clip in there so your pin is not going to fly out like mine just did.And then again, if you need to switch that two and five sixteenth inch ball for the two inch, it's just as easy as flipping it over and replacing that pin and clip and you're good to go. So it's a really easy to use, easy to switch out ball mount.I personally really like B&W's stuff.

They make really nice, well-built, well-designed products. They work, they feel nice in your hand. All the edges are chamfered so you don't have any really hard edges. Not going to have any over splatter on any of the welds. They just make really well made products. So I personally am a fan of their stuff.The other nice thing about the tow and stow, as the name suggests, you can stow this away. A lot of municipalities are making it illegal now to have a ball mount mounted on your vehicle whenever you're not towing. It just causes issues, whereas a fender bender normally would just crumple a bumper, with that ball back there, now you might be cracking somebody's radiator. So it puts the onus on people with the ball mount to do something about it.So instead of having to take the whole assembly off, you can just put this in the stowed position. To do that and to get this tucked up nice and neat up against your vehicle, you want to turn the ball to the side. And then you're going to replace that pin back through the hole here. You might notice that there's two holes to replace for the ball itself. The one that's closest to the ball is going to keep it in place whenever a ball is upright. But whenever it's sideways like this, this one further away from the ball is the one that you want to put it into.So I'm going to put my clip back in so that I don't have anybody flying around here. And then we pull our other clips and pins, keep a hand on that platform so it doesn't drop. You can flip this around and typically, you're going to have this in the drop position, so that it could stow up underneath your hitch.So we're going to flip this around. This is kind of awkward. It's because I've got it on the table here, so I don't have a hitch holding this thing up for me. It makes it a little bit easier when it's actually mounted on your truck or your vehicle.Now we replace those pins back through the holes and replace our clips. And now it's just going to be this smooth flat piece that's sticking out from our hitch. So it should be more compliant with our local local laws. But you always want to practice safe driving habits. No short stops or anything like that.So now it's nice and tucked up underneath. And the other advantage of this is that typically, whenever you have this installed, if you decide to pick up a locking hitch pin to go here, because it doesn't come with one. You do have to pick up a hitch pin or a locking hitch pin if you prefer. If that's locked in place though, nobody can take off this ball platform since it's stowed up so tight against there.Because the way that you get this platform off, is actually to bring it up a little bit further so that it can slide out through this channel. The reason why you'd want to do that is to switch out a different accessory, sold separately for your B&W. Something like a clevis platform or something like that or if you just want to take off that platform, just so you don't have quite as much hanging off the back of your vehicle. It's up to you there.But whenever that's locked in the stowed position, there shouldn't be enough clearance for anybody to lift that up and off. That's going to be the case for most configurations, but as you can see, it's going to make it really nice and compact. Makes it so that we shouldn't have any issues with that being a tripping hazard as well, as we're moving around the back of our truck. You shouldn't have to worry about whacking your shins on it or anything whenever it's in the stowed position.So I really like this ball mount. I think it's going to be a great accessory for your towing setup. Clearly gives you your adjustment for the different heights that you might need to keep your towing setup nice and level. And then also, still gives you the two different ball sizes, that two and five sixteenth inch and also the two inch ball. So, those are pretty common sizes for most trailers out there. So it really eliminates the need to have multiple ball mounts for your multiple trailers.I'm just going to take this back out and we can talk about measurements. You might notice I'm fighting with those pins. They do include some white lithium grease in your kit, so whenever you get this, you can grease up those pins. It's going to make it a lot easier to maneuver with this, so you're not having to fight it in there.The fact that it is such a tight fit though is not a bad thing. You don't want rattle and play as you're going down the road. So by those fitting so snugly in there, that does give you the peace of mind to know that you shouldn't have too much issues with this rattling around on you. It's going to fit nice and snug and do the job that you need it to do.So, as far as measurements, this does fit a two and a half inch by two and a half inch hitch receiver. So that's typically going to be your somewhat larger hitches, two and a half inch by two and a half inches there. Our gross towing weight whenever you're using the two inch ball is going to be 7500 pounds.Whenever you use the two and five sixteenth inch ball, it's going to be 14,500 pounds. As far as the tongue weight, typically that's going to be determined by your hitch, but as far as what it says on the ball mount itself, it is rated for 1450 pounds or 1450 pounds for the max tongue weight. That's going to be for both. Of course, you never want to exceed your hitch's recommended weight or your vehicle's recommended towing weight. So always go off of those numbers as well.Now as far as our measurements, going from the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the ball, it's going to be nine and a quarter inch to this closest hole. To the furthest one out, it's going to be about 10 and three eighths inches. From that same measurement, from the hitch pin hole to the mounting block, it's going to be about three and three quarter inches or about four and seven eighths inches.The maximum amount of drop that we'll get from this, going from the inside top edge of our hitch to the top of the ball platform, that's going to be five inches. If we flip this over into the rise configuration, again from the inside top edge of our hitch to the top of that ball platform, it's going to give us a max rise of four and a half inches.The adjustment goes in inch increments. This is covered by a limited lifetime warranty from B&W and it is made in the USA. Overall, I think again, this is going to be a great addition to your towing setup. That hitch pin and clip or your locking hitch pin, are going to be sold separately. You can find a lot of options here at hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right ball mount for you. If not, we do have a lot of other options available, so definitely check them out right here at Thanks for watching.

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