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B and W Fifth Wheel BWRVC3006 Review

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Review of B and W Accessories and Parts BWRVC3006

Today we're going to review part number BWRVC3006. This is the replacement head assembly for the B&W Companion fifth-wheel trailer hitches. It has a 25,000 pound weight capacity. Now, this replacement hitch head will fit the B&W Companion fifth-wheel trailer hitches. This head assembly, when used with the correct B&W base assembly, will make up the B&W Companion fifth-wheel hitch assembly. The head, this has the dual jaw design, has the one-inch deck dual jaws, which will provide a 360-degree jaw-to-kingpin contact. That will give you less rattle and more security than the slide bar jaws.

It has this cam-action latching handle which helps prevent binding. It's very simple to release, even on un-level terrain, and it is lockable. It comes with a pinning clip, but it is also lockable if you buy a padlock that we sell separately you can put through here and permanently lock it. But just to show you how this handle works is you release the pin and clip, and then as you move this handle towards the cab or the front of the tow vehicle, you'll notice that the jaws do open, both dual jaws, and then when your kingpin slides in here, the weight will push up against the back here, which would force this handle to slide up, jaws would close around the kingpin, your handle would only go so far, and then you just drop your pin and clip in, or your padlock, whichever you decide to use. You just drop that in there to lock it into place, then that handle wouldn't move and it'll keep the jaws wrapped around the kingpin. It does have a fully articulating head when this is installed on the pivot arms.

It will rotate front to back, and this plate right here will go side-to-side so that fully articulating head will ease the hook up, helps to limit chucking. This head assembly is made of steel, and it's a gray, powder-coat finish which is corrosion-resistant. Again, the max gross towing weight capacity on this is 25,000 pounds. Max vertical load limit is 6250 pounds. But you need to remember those when this is installed on the base assembly to get the whole fifth-wheel hitch.

The capacity that this head assembly will have will be determined by that capacity of the base that it is installed on. And then one last thing I want to show you is when - this is taken off the base assembly, but when you go to install it onto the pivot arms, basically what you would do is you pull the clip out, pull the pin out, pull the clip over here, pull the pin out, and then what you do is you grab these two handles right here and when you pull up to lift it up that'll allow you to drop it on the pivot arms, and then when you let this down, it'll hold it into place, and then you put your pins back through. The reason they do this, it'll make it a lot easier when you have the whole fifth wheel installed in your vehicle, and if you don't have anybody around to help you remove it, you can actually remove the head assembly to cut down on the weight, and then you can remove the base assembly separately as just one person. And then once you install you put your pin back in, and go ahead and put your clip in, and do the same over here, once this is installed on the pivot arm. And then put your clip in, and with those installed that'll hold it on the the pivot arms of your base assembly. But that should do it for the review on part number BWRVC3006, the replacement head assembly for the B&W Companion fifth-wheel trailer hitches. .

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