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Review of B and W 5th Wheel Rail Kit - Custom Install Kit - BWRVK2605

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B and W 5th Wheel Rail Kit - Custom Install Kit - BWRVK2605 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at today. We're taking a look at the BMW custom installation kit for above bed fifth wheel rails. Now, this is going to be a custom fit kit for the 2013 through 2019 Dodge Ram or Ram 3500 and 2500 trucks. There's also fits the six and a half foot-bed and the eight-foot bed. The only caveat to that is that it does not fit the 3,500 with the OEM prep package.

But if you have the OEM prep package, you're probably going to be using that rather than the above bed rails. So the basic idea with our above bed rails is that it gives us a secure mounting point for our fifth wheel hitch. So we can tow our fifth-wheel trailer down the road. So it was best to have the right hitch for your trailer. So if you have a fifth- wheel trailer best to go with fifth wheel hitches, if you have a gooseneck trailer, it's best to go with a gooseneck.So if you're trying to make that choice of whether or not to get the gooseneck versus the hitch, it really depends on the trailer that you're hauling.

You can always adapt them, but it's best to get the right thing for your trailer. So just a little PSA for you guys there. The nice thing about our kit being accustomed fit is that it's going to reduce the amount of drilling that we have to do. There's no way to around the fact that we do have to drill into our bed to get the rails mounted. There'll be about five holes per rail, so 10 in all to get those in place.

But as far as the brackets where the side there, they're going to go around our frame. You shouldn't have to do really much drilling at all. There might be a couple of instances where there's a factory hole that just maybe needs to be wallowed out a little bit to get it to line up with the brackets.But for the most part, you're not having to drill any new holes into your frame. So should be a pretty straightforward installed. Everything I've ever worked with from BMW works really well.

It's made really well. They take their time and machining everything. So there's no over splatter. There's no weird rough edges that are off. It just always works really nicely. So they definitely take pride in their products. They are America-made USA-made. So they are a very respected company in the industry. Customers have great things to say about them. I personally think that they make a really high quality product. So they definitely get a ringing endorsement from me. As you can see, I have the rails kind of how they should look on your vehicle, the rail sub at the top there, where you're actually going to see in your bed, and then the brackets at the bottom are going to be underneath mounted to your frame. We'll have all the additional hardware to get that in place.So you shouldn't have to pick up anything extra. You'll just need to provide your own tools to get it installed. This does also work with the industry standard size fifth wheels. So it'll work with your BMW, Patriot. The Curt Demco draw tight, hidden hitch, Husky Reese Valley. All those guys should just drop right into those factory attachment points. So nothing different anywhere there.The steel is going to be a sturdy steel with a powder coat to help any corrosion. Usually BMW's powder coat is pretty good, especially compared to some of the other ones out there. It does a pretty good job resisting any kind of chipping or cracking, and it'll help to keep that corrosion resistant for a long time. So all in all, I think this is going to be a great kit for your truck and should get you that secure mounting point that you need to haul your fifth wheel trailer down the road without any issues. It is covered by a limited lifetime warranty from BMW. So they definitely stand behind their product. I think that this is going to do a great job for you guys.So hope this video has been helpful in making your decision on whether or not to get the BMW custom install kit with base rails for your fifth wheel trailer on your Ram truck. If you need any other information on what to choose, whether you want to find the right fifth wheel to go into your rails. We have a lot of information here at and we pride ourselves on providing you with the best information possible to make your buying decision that much easier so definitely check out all those nice things for you. Thanks for watching.

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