Atwood Trailer Jack - Side Frame Mount Jack - 82471 Review

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Review of Atwood Trailer Jack 82471

Today we're going to review part number 82471. This is the Atwood Top Wind Round Pipe Mount Swivel Jack with the foot plate, and a 5000 pound weight capacity. This utility jack will let you raise and lower your trailer. It is ideal for agricultural and commercial applications. It is a tubular swivel design, which lets you twist the jack up for storage and down for use. This would just insert into the pipe mount on your trailer, and again you just turn it this way for storing it, and when you're going to use it just let it back down. Basically what you would do is just pull this pin.

Again you'll notice it's nice with this pull pin and a clip that holds the jack into place, and it has this lanyard connected to the pin itself so it won't get lost. Again, you just insert this into the pipe mount in your trailer, and then once you get the hole aligned, you're going to store it, and then you just drop the pin in like that. Put the clip in it, and when you're going to use it, just drop it down and put the pin and clip in that way. Just like that. Now this is a Top Wind jack, it has a Top Wind handle with a swivel grip. Basically just pull this right out to the storing position, so you just pull it up and over like that to use it.

It has the swivel grip, so it makes it easier when you're twisting it. Basically, you just twist it like that and it'll raise it. Counterclockwise it'll drop it down. This is a steel construction, it's very heavy duty. It has a corrosion resistant finish.

It has a black e-coated outer tube, the inner tube and the foot plate are all zinc plated. The foot plate is a pretty wide foot plate to help minimize sinking into soft ground. I did mention this goes onto a pipe mount on the trailer. If you don't have one on your trailer and you need one, we do sell a related product. This is what the pipe mount would look like, it welds on to your trailer.

This is part number AT82500. We do sell this separately on our website, and it is required for installation if you don't have one. Basically you just weld this part on to your trailer, and like I was mentioning, this would just slide in there and you've got your holes that you just line up for either storing it or using it. This part is made in the USA. I do want to give you a few measurements on this. The bracket height, this bracket right now I have fully retracted, and the measurement they use for retracted would be from the bottom to the very center of the pipe mount. If we do that on this jack, you can see it's right at 11 inches. That's the retracted height. Now the extended height would be if we cranked this all the way out. The extended height would again be measured from the bottom to the center. What I've done to save time, I've got another exact jack, and I've already cranked it out. What I'm going to show you is the extended height. Again, if we measure from the bottom to the center, that should be right at 25 and 3/4 of an inch. Basically, your lift would be that difference, which would be 14 and 3/4 inches. That's the total lift with this jack. Let's go ahead and take this one out for right now. Okay. Then the clearance, if we measure from the center of the pipe mount to the top of the jack, on this jack, is going to be right at 14 and 1/2 inches. The radius on the handle when you've extended it out to use it this way, the radius from here to here, is going to be right at 5 and 3/4 inches. Now the diameter of the inner tube that goes to the foot plate is attached to that goes on the inside is 2 inches. This outer tube is 2 and 1/4 inches. It does have a lift capacity of 5000 pounds. The foot point dimensions. The length on the foot plate is right at 8 inches, and the width on it is right on 4 and 3/4 inches. That should do it for the review on part number 82471, the Atwood Top Wind Round Pipe Mount Swivel Jack with the foot plate, and a 5000 pound weight capacity. .

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