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Atwood RV Water Heaters - Standard Water Heater - AT94022 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Atwood RV 10,000 BTU Gas and Electric Water Heater with an Automatic Pilot and a 10 gallon tank. Now this RV water heater uses an automatic direct spark gas pilot and an internal electric heating element to supply hot water very fast to your RV. It is a quick recovery water heater, provides a nice, long-lasting supply of hot water, with a nice small, lightweight tank. It'll produce up to 20 gallons of hot water per hour. The tank is an aluminum clad tank, reduces calcium build-up, helps limit corrosion, eliminates the need and an anode rod.If you notice the connections on the back here, you got your hot water outlet right here on the top and your cold water inlet right here on the bottom. Both of those connections are a half inch NPT connection.

Let me open the front door here and we'll show you the pilot. Turn that and you can drop your door down. Then right here you have your automatic, direct spark gas pilot, which will heat your water once your destination is reached, and it will supply hot water in less than a half an hour. It does relight automatically until your heater is switched off. It does use a U-shaped flue tube to distribute more heat from the burner up to the water, and it gives you an 80% heating efficiency rating.The gas line, which will come in the back here, come through here, and connect right here.

It is a 3/8" flared LP gas line connection. The electric heating element will assist the flue tube to heat your water faster. It's an incoloy construction, which prevents burnout, and that's a nickel-iron-chromium alloy construction, with less than 50% nickel content.It is thermostatically controlled to prevent overheating, has a high temperature limit switch which will automatically shut off the unit, and it does also include this double panel switch right here, which will allow you to power your electric and gas components on and off individually. It's designed to mount in your coach for a nice, easy operation. It does use a pressure release valve to prevent excessive water expansion.

Has an air pocket in the tank to keep your valve from dripping in your cabinet. It does use a combustion shutter to adjust the oxygen level in your pilot light for high altitudes. It's externally sealed to keep the unit clean.The drain plug on this is nylon so that helps prevent rust and you can see the white access door is all included. All your serviceable parts are right up here, very easy to access. Go ahead and close the door, and just twist this, it will hold it into place.This is an open unit.

It can be hooked up and tested before your sidewalls are sealed. The unit is very small and lightweight for an easy fit in the RV's cabinet. Total weight on the unit is about 24 pounds. It is CSA certified, made in the USA.Few specs on it. It's 120 volts AC electrical connection. Wattage is 1400 watts. Heating capacity is 10,000 BTUs. Few dimensions on this. I want to give you the door dimension is going to be right at 18" wide, and the height on the door is 17 3/4". If we go ahead and drop the door again, just to measure the unit itself, water heater width wise inside is going to be right at 16", height is going to be right at 15 1/2" tall, and total depth is right at 20 and 7/8" deep. Again, the tank capacity is 10 gallons. And again, we can just flip our door up, close it, and then pull this out and just twist it. It'll hold it into place and there as everybody can see, your pilot light.It does come with a nice set of detailed instructions on how to install everything. But that should do it on the review of the Atwood RV 10,000 BTU Gas and Electric Water Heater with the Automatic Pilot and a 10 gallon tank.

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John H.

Replacing old [GC10A-3E] unit with new recommended unit [GC10A-4E], wiring is different.Can you tell me EXACTLY how to wire the new unit. To say the least it is confusing and I do not want to wire it wrong. There are more wires on the new model. 60241

Reply from Jon G.

I wasn't able to find any conversion specifics for those 2 units. You need to have the installation and service done by a qualified installer, service agency, or gas supplier. This is especially the case if you are not quite sure where to start with all of the wiring. 51915

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