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Atwood Padlocks - Universal Application Padlock - AT89019 Review

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Review of Atwood Locks AT89019

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number AT89019. These are the Atwood AMPlock padlocks. The keyed alike padlocks are going to secure doors, latch style trailer couplers, and it can be used for many more applications. It's always nice to have some padlocks around. Especially with these padlocks, you're going to get ultimate security and safety. These locks are very unique.

They're going to feature rotating disk tumblers that are going to provide maximum security. Each cylinder has a series of rotating disks, located inside the lock body, that can be correctly lined up only when you turn the corresponding included keys. Now because these keys are going to feature one of nearly a million possible key codes, it's extremely unlikely that another individual will have the key similar to this one, that can open the locks. These are bump proof and resistant to picking. They're going to feature here at the base, hardened washers around the internal tumblers. These are designed to prevent drilling into the lock cores.

Really simple operation: slide the key into the key hole, give it a half turn, and then it's going to open up the shackle. Now, one of the things I really like about these locks is that your keys can not be removed from the lock body when the padlocks are in the unlock position. That's going to prevent you from misplacing your keys. That's going to prevent you from accidentally locking you keys inside your trailer, your shed, or your locker, whatever the case may be. That's a really nice design that they have with this unit. The steel bodies are made from a case hardened stainless steel.

They're going to be completely rust and corrosion proof as well as shatter proof. Nobody's going to be able to come up and bang on these and shatter the lock body and gain access to whatever it is that you have locked up. The shackles are made from a heavy duty chrome plated steel. They're designed to resist rust and corrosion. They're going to be very difficult to cut.

They'll stand up and perform well even in extreme temperatures. With this part number, you're going to get two padlocks. You're going to get four notched keys. Very unique key design. We're going to take a moment just to over the dimensions of one of the locks. The overall length measuring from edge to edge, that's going to measure about three and three quarters of an inch. The lock body itself is going to measure an inch and a half by one and five eighths of an inch and the thickness is going to measure about seven eighths of an inch. The shackle is going to be a quarter inch diameter shackle. The opening from the top of the body to the bottom of the shackle there at the peak, that's going to be two inches and then the opening width right here is going to be about three quarters of an inch. That's going to do it for today's review of part number AT89019. These are the Atwood AMPlock padlocks.