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Review of Atwood Gas Detectors AT36681

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Atwood RV carbon monoxide and propane gas detector. This carbon monoxide and propane gas detector alerts you to potentially dangerous levels of gas in your RV. It detects levels of carbon monoxide as low as 30 ppm and detects levels of LP gas as low as 2,000 ppm. It uses a fuel cell sensor which gives an earlier alert when carbon monoxide levels are high. It's also less sensitive to false alarm triggers when compared to other types or styles of detectors.Located right here is a test reset button. This lets you test the sound and reset to normal after an alarm.

Then it has four indicator lights. You have your power light right here, which illuminates to show that power is running to it. Nice bright green color. Then you have this one right here. This is your fault light.

This will light up if maintenance is needed. Then you have the propane light that goes on during active LP gas alarms. Then you have the carbon monoxide light that goes on during an active CO alarm.The unit features a power conservation mode which reserves current draw if your RV power surges or dips. Also, I do want to point out that the wiring, it's a three-wire design show you how a ground wire and then two power wires. The second power wire can be connected to an auxiliary 12-volt battery for backup.Mounting hardware is included, so it comes with the necessary mounting screws to get it installed.

It is available in white as well as black. White is part number AT36681. Black is available at with part number AT31012.The unit is ETL-tested for residential and RV use. It's CSA-certified. It's made in the USA.

I do want to show you the mounting. It has this plate that goes around that gives a nice finished look to the unit. When it comes to mounting you can see all the mount holes that goes around the perimeter for a nice, tight, secure installation.The size cutout that you're going to need in your wall needs to measure about 3-1/2" wide by 3-5/8" high. This is designed for 12-volt applications. When it comes to the overall measurements, edge to edge it's a square design so it measures 4-11/16" by 4-11/16". Then the thickness or how far it sticks out from your wall is only 1/2". Again, it is designed for 12-volt applications. The current draw is up to 75 milliamps. The alarm intensity is 85 decibels at a distance of about 10 feet. It has a seven-year lifespan.Now please note that because LP gas is heavier than air, this detector should installed no more than 18" from the floor so that it can accurately detect the amount of gas in your RV. I'm going to go ahead and run it through the test real quick. That way you can get an idea of the sequence of beeps and also how it sounds. That's going to do it for today's look at the Atwood RV carbon monoxide and propane gas detector.

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