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Aries Automotive Off Road Lights - Light Bar - AA1501278 Review

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Review of Aries Automotive Off Road Lights AA1501278

Today we're gonna take a look at the Aries 50" Double-Row LED Light Bar.Now this is designed to be mounted on a headache rack, a roof-like mounting bracket, or other accessory. It includes 100 grade A Cree LED chips for superior quality. It is all in a rust-proof, aluminum housing, with a nice rugged crack-resistant, 100% optically clear, unbreakable lex-land lens. And it does use advanced optic system to reduce wasted light for 96% reflector efficiency. It's in a nice durable painted UV-resistant, mar-resistant finish. It has the dual oversize heat sinks to maintain low efficient running temperatures, and it does use instant on and off.

It requires no warm-up time.The IP68 and IP60K waterproof and dustproof ratings help keep water and air out. And it does pass the CE, the ROHS, the UV, the extreme temperature vibration dust and salt testing. Now, this'll operate at temperatures from a negative 40 degrees fahrenheit to 145 degrees fahrenheit for extreme conditions. Now, this is fitted with this strong, waterproof wiring harness for a nice reliable inaudible 00:01:07 connection. It uses a waterproof Deutsch connector right here to plug into it.

It includes a 30 amp fuse.And then, right over here, it has your on-and-off switch to turn your light on and off. Now, it also includes the stainless steel screws, and stainless steel pivoting mounting brackets for custom angling. You just install those to the end there, and then you can install it and angle it to how you want it.The lumens on this is 24,000 lumens. The average lifespan is 50,000 plus hours. I just wanna give you some of the measurements on this.

Overall length, from one end to the other, is right at 51". Overall height is gonna be right at 3 1/2" tall. And the total depth is also right at 3 1/2" deep. And what I'm gonna do now is, we're gonna hook this up to some 12 volt power. I just wanna show you how bright it is.

So here's your Deutsch connector, and we'll take our wiring harness. And again, you just push those together. And you'll hear it click in this position. And it locks it, gives it a waterproof connection.And then we'll have our power and ground wires right here. And there's your 30 amp fuse to protect it. So I'm gonna move this all to the back here. And we'll go ahead and hook our 12 volt power up. It's there. Hook our ground up. And with everything hooked up, what I'm gonna do . And here's our switch that we're gonna control with. So if I go ahead and turn the power on, the switch is in the off position. So what I'll do is, with the lights on, and then I'm gonna turn the lights off. I'll turn this on, and see how bright it is. There's 100 LEDs. And then we'll go ahead and turn off the overhead lights. You can see it's a very bright light bar.Again, it's 24,000 lumens. And then again, here's your switch right here. You can turn it off. Turn it on. As you can see, it's an instant on and off. It requires no warm-up time. Turn if off. We'll go ahead and turn back on our overhead lights. And we'll go ahead and turn off our power.But that should do it for the review on the Aries 50" Double-Row LED Light Bar.

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