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Review of Americana Trailer Tires and Wheels - Tire with Wheel - AM34659

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Americana Trailer Tires and Wheels - Tire with Wheel - AM34659 Review

Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at this Kenda Karrier ST 205/75R14 radial trailer tire in a load range D on this 14-inch series T09 black machine aluminum wheel with a five on four and a half inch bolt pattern. Now this tire and wheel assembly is ideal for boat trailers, stock trailers, utility trailers, and campers.The wheel is a nice aluminum wheel. It's durable, lightweight, and rustproof, it is the Sendel series T09 five-spoke design with the black machine finish, which is very unique and appealing. If you can see the face or the edges of the spokes, and then the outer lip is all machine finished, and then they have a black accent in between the spokes.

The front and the back of the wheel are all clear coated.Now, the tire that's mounted on this wheel is a Kenda Karrier radial tire. It is double steel belts, full nylon plies, which combine for a nice superior function and long bite. Does use a nice computer generated tread design and premium rubber compound materials, which give you superior traction in wet or dry condition.Now the tire is an ST tire, which means special trailer tire, has the sturdy sidewalls so that it can handle heavy loads. It's great specifically for trailers, it's not intended for use on any other vehicles. This tire and wheel assembly does meet the DOT Department of Transportation specifications.Give you a few specs on this.

We'll start with the wheel. The diameter on the wheel, which is measured inside to inside straight across, is 14-inch diameter wheel. The width on just the wheel is five and a half inches wide. This wheel does have a bolt pattern of five on four and a half inch bolt pattern.And if you want to measure a bolt pattern on a wheel, a wheel that's an odd number of lugs, like in this case five, what you have to do is pick any one of the holes, let's say this one, and then you'll measure across to either one of the holes right across from it. But when you measure it, it's from the center of the starting hole to the furthest edge of whichever hole you measure to.

So on this wheel, it'll measure four and a half inches. So it's a five on four and a half inch bolt pattern. This does use a wheel lug size of a half inch by 20.Now, the weight capacity on just the wheel by itself is 2,200 pounds. And the wheel in the center, this pilot hole diameter here, is 3.19-inch diameter. Now, this wheel does not come with the center cap.

If you do want a center cap, we do sell those separately on our website. You just want to purchase a center cap that will have a diameter of 3.19 inches.Now, the tire size, which is stamped on the sidewall, ST for special trailer, 205/75R14. The R means that it is a radial design tire. Section width on this tire is 8.1 inches. Overall diameter from the bottom to very top is 26.3. This tire is a load range D, which means it's an eight-ply rated tire. Has a maximum load capacity of 2,200 pounds at 75 PSI.And the last thing I do want to mention is most all the new trailer tires are coming through with speed rating stamped on them. And a speed rating is always designated by a letter designation. So if you go right after the size we just went over, you'll see two numbers for the load index, and then the letter M is stamped at the very end. That means it's a speed rating M, which is an 81 mile per hour speed rating.Now that should do it for the review on this Kenda Carrier ST 205/75R14 radial trailer tire in a load range D, mounted on this 14-inch series T09 black machined aluminum wheel with the five on four and a half inch bolt pattern.

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