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Review of Americana Tires and Wheels AM20053

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Americana Steel Solid Center Trailer Wheel. This steel wheel has the solid center design. It's very sturdy and corrosion resistant. This is a direct replacement for wheels on Tracker pontoon boat trailers. It's going to feature a nice white, powder-coated finish over an ECO primer. Really nice finishing technique and design.

The wheel does meet the Department of Transportation's specifications. A few specs to go over with you real quick, starting with the dimensions of the rim. If we take a measurement of the diameter, that's measured inside edge to inside edge or bead seed to bead seed. Put this over there, it'll give us a good idea. That's going to give us a diameter measurement of right around 10". Then the width is measured from bead seed to bead seed as well.

Again, the diameter was 10", the width is going to be right on 6". 10" diameter with a width of 6". The bolt pattern is 5 on 5.5". The first number in the pattern symbolizes or stands for the number of stud holes that we have. We have five stud holes. To figure out the measurement, we need to pick one stud hole, measure from the center of it, go straight across to one of the holes across from it, measuring to that back edge.

We do that because it's an odd number of holes. From the center of this hole to the outer edge of one of these two holes, is going to be 5.5". Again, the bolt pattern for this wheel is 5 on 5.5". It's going to use a wheel bolt size of a 1/2" x 20. Capacity in our wheel is 1,800 pounds.

The diameter right here, this is the pilot hole. It's going to have a pilot hole diameter of 4". This wheel does not offer an offset. That's going to do it for today's look at the Americana Steel Solid Center Trailer Wheel.

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