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Alfred Hitch Cover Hitch Covers - Collegiate - 034092100805 Review

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Review of Alfred Hitch Cover Hitch Covers 034092100805

Today we're going to take a look at the UCLA Bruins two-inch Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover, number 034092100805. Whether its Bowl season or March Madness or you're an alum of the University of California at Los Angeles, you can show your school spirit with this UCLA hitch cover. The cover features the official UCLA athletics logo in true blue and gold weather hardened enamel fill. This covers durable construction and stylish look will show your support for the Bruins for years to come. Again, its designed for standard two-inch hitch receivers. Installation is very easy, it takes about 15 seconds.

It is rattle-proof thanks to this removable strip here that fits around the base. It comes with two wire inserts with the larger of the two being about a quarter-inch longer. You can fit these on the back in a number of different ways. To show the fit we'll bring in our standard two-inch receiver cover here. What we do is we will pop that in the hole, and then you fit your pin or your receiver lock in there and you're good to go.

The way that it holds is the back of the wire insert will go past the pinhole and that will lock up, keeping the receiver on. That's it for our UCLA Bruins two-inch receiver cover number 034092100805.